The Most Epic Gift Ideas For Kids Under $10

It’s no secret that having kids is expensive. Not only are you responsible for paying for their entire lives (food, cleaning, clothes, etc.), but you’ve also got to think about buying them gifts for birthdays and other special occasions.

On the flip side, if you’re looking to buy a birthday or holiday present for a kid who isn’t yours, it might seem like an impossible task. Kids nowadays seem to have it all, and you don’t want to spend money on the latest gadgets and games because you simply cannot afford it.

Luckily for you, we’ve got you covered. Here are the most epic gift ideas for kids under $10 to keep you within budget!

The Most Epic Gift Ideas For Kids Under $10

Sushi Go! – The Pick and Pass Card Game 

No gift lasts longer than a good ol’ card game! The Sushi Go! card game is a point-gathering game that mostly requires luck, a good sense of probability, and logical thinking.

With a goal of making the best sushi combination possible, this game is designed to encourage a healthy amount of competitiveness through your kid’s first introduction to card drafting games. 

The cards themselves are adorable and the game is said to last around 15 minutes between 2-5 players, which is an ideal gift for a kid at any age to play with their family. 

Long Satin Bow Knot Gloves 

Every adult has tender memories of playing with dress-up clothes. From pretending to be a superhero to dressing up as a princess, costumes can allow a child to explore their creativity and imagination through playing and acting.

If you’ve got a child, niece, or nephew who is very interested in pretending to be a member of the royal family, check out these long satin bow knot gloves! 

Available in a variety of vibrant colors, these gloves are suitable for kids who want to be a princess, prince, superhero, or just downright fabulous for the day. The length and soft material of the gloves make them suitable for kids aged between 3-8 years old. 

Crayola Silly Scents Scented Markers 

The beauty about buying kids something under $10 is that you are inadvertently encouraging them to be creative with what you give them.

These Crayola Silly Scents Scented Markers are the ideal gift for kids who love to doodle and draw, because not only can they be used on paper and cardboard, but the pens are washable from skin and most washable clothing, too! 

Plus, as the name suggests, these pens are individual scented for an extra special touch. As the pens are non-toxic, they are safe for kids aged 3 and up. 

Puzzle Maze Money Holder

If you know of a child who has recently started getting pocket money, treat them with this one-of-a-kind puzzle maze money holder.

Getting small amounts of money can make a kid feel instantly rich, but if they’re (rightfully) protective over their funds, they’ll want to keep their dollars somewhere safe. 

This money holder can only be opened when someone successfully completes the maze puzzle, wherein the user must move the box around to get the ball through the maze.

While it’s not too difficult to complete, it provides a fun activity for kids – especially for siblings who want to know where the money is being stashed! 

Rolife Wooden Wolf Model

For kids with a natural pull towards anything that requires logic, patience, and following the rules. Check out this Rolife wooden wolf model.

This gift encourages kids to build a 3D model from scratch, resulting in a beautiful wooden wolf that can be painted, placed on a table, or even hung as a decorative decoration on a Christmas tree. 

The instructions are clear to follow and work to improve hand-eye coordination, patience, and logical thinking. Plus, as this model is made of non-toxic wood, it is eco-friendly and can be recycled when broken or not needed. 

KidzLabs Moon Torch Projector 

If you’ve got a kid (or know of a kid) who is obsessed with science and all things space-related, you’ve got to get them this moon torch projector. It works in the same way as a regular torch, except an image of the moon is projected onto the wall or ceiling. 

Not only is this ideal for space-obsessed kids, but it’s a lovely way to encourage a child to read or fall asleep. It can also encourage kids to make up their own stories about space and the world around them, making for a lovely sleepover gift! 

4M Unicorns Mold & Paint Kit

If you’re looking for an affordable gift that will genuinely last longer than a couple of weeks, check out this 4M mold and paint kit.

This is a hands-on gift that encourages kids (with the help of adults) to mix and mold plaster to create an adorable unicorn. Once dried, the unicorn can be painted with the included brushes, paint, and glitter.  

Your child can then show off their hard work by keeping the unicorns on a shelf, or you can stick a magnet to the unicorns to decorate the refrigerator. Plus, this kit features 6 molds to allow for various unicorn shapes and designs! 

ArtCreativity Jumbo Chalk Set 

No childhood is complete without decorating the sidewalk or driveway with chalk-drawn doodles and shapes. This jumbo chalk set features 38 colorful pieces of chalk to allow for complete creative freedom and hours of fun.

The chalks are dust-free and easy to use, not to mention how they can be cleaned off the surface with a simple splash of water. 

The fact the chalks come in a handy storage container is also useful for traveling with kids. If you’re going away for the weekend or even just to a friend’s house for the afternoon, your kids can stay occupied for hours on end for less than $10! 

Hapinest Color Your Own Water Bottle and Lunch Bag 

Lunch bags and water bottles are basically the school’s equivalent of a fashion runway. To adults, these items simply hold food and water. To kids, a lunch box and water bottle can be the difference between popularity and being a loser.

Of course, this isn’t actually the case, but this gift allows your child complete creative freedom to design their own lunch box and water bottle. 

This gift comes with 8 colorful markers to allow your kids to doodle, write names, and draw food on their lunch box and water bottle.  They also come with pre-drawn doodles to be colored in! 

SZJJX Toy Rocket Launcher 

What kid doesn’t enjoy rockets? This gift is ideal for any child who enjoys science, space, and objects being launched high into the air.

With three foam rockets that fit into a launcher, kids can prepare and enjoy the rockets to launch up to 100 feet high. It’s fun, it’s safe, and well within a budget of under $10. 

Not only is this a fun toy to play with, but it’s also an educational one. Kids have the opportunity to learn about angles, jump force, flight trajectories, and more. 

DigHealth DIY Vase With Flowers Craft Kit 

DIY craft kits are a brilliant affordable gift for kids with skills in creativity. This kit encourages kids aged 3 and up to make their own vase and beautiful flowers that are made of fabric and buttons.

Not only does this look colorful and appealing, but it means that the lifespan of the button flowers is far longer than actual flowers, allowing for the gift to be enjoyed for months or years!

If your child struggles with the DIY aspect, this can be a good bonding activity between parent and child. 

UNO Mario Kart Card Game 

If your child is a fan of Mario Kart and video games, take them away from the screen with this UNO Mario Kart card game! This card game mimics the classic UNO game but with Mario Kart characters, which is ideal for fans of the game.

The rules are simple to follow, and with the fun inclusion of well-known Mario characters and allusions to the games, this is a fun card game for kids and adults alike. 

Crayola Colors Of The World Coloring Book

If you’re really struggling for inspiration, you can never go wrong with a coloring book. This Crayola coloring book features adorable cartoon characters and references to iconic sights all over the world.

Not only does this provide a lot of coloring activities for young kids, but it also subsequently teaches them about the beauties of diversity and cultures across the globe.

This gift also comes with color-your-own stickers and other activities within the coloring book. 

Colorful Modeling Clay Kit

The problem with DIY kits is that while they offer some creative liberty, there are still rules to follow. If you know of a kid who is particularly creative and artistic, you should treat them to a colorful modeling clay kit.

This kit features 24 blocks of modeling clay that can be mixed to create more colors, allowing for total creative freedom for your child to design whatever they like. 

Once completed, your kid can show off their hard work to friends and family or give their pieces of art away as personal gifts. 

KUYOU Kids Protective Gear 

If you know of a child who loves to play on their scooter, bike, or perhaps one who is accident-prone, check out this kids protective gear set. Featuring knee pads, elbow pads, and protective gloves, this is the ideal gift for a kid who is into sports.

Alternatively, this is a great additional gift if you know your kid is getting a bicycle, skateboard, rollerblades, or hoverboard as a main present. 

Mudder LED Finger Magic Trick

Magic tricks are a great gift for kids. Not only are they fun and provide entertainment for everyone involved, but they can encourage children to delve further into harmless pranks and magic tricks.

This finger magic trick set features 10 realistic thumbs that, when squeezed, produce a touch-sensitive light.  

This is a fun gift that encourages kids to be creative and to explore their acting skills through making little magic performances. Plus, they make for a good Halloween prop!

MonEnfance Water Bottle Stickers 

Stickers are one of those excellent little gifts for stocking fillers, small birthday gifts, and more. This sticker set features 300 decorative stickers that are made of non-toxic vinyl materials.

These stickers are intended to stick onto a water bottle, which makes lunchtime just that bit more interesting. Plus, these adorable stickers help to encourage creativity in placement and design. 

Melissa & Doug Wooden Stamp Set 

Stamp sets are surprisingly more entertaining than you might think. For kids who love to make art and write letters, a stamp set allows for even more creative fun.

This Melissa & Doug stamp set features pink and purple butterflies and heart patterns, which is ideal for kids who enjoy pretty patterns. 

100-Piece Jigsaw Puzzle

Jigsaw puzzles are fun for people of all ages. This 100-piece puzzle is ideal for keeping kids occupied while their parents are busy, and they get a lovely ocean-inspired picture at the end of completing the puzzle! Plus, once it’s finished, they can start all over again. 

Hoyle 6-In-1 Card Game Pack 

Card games are fun for everyone to enjoy, and if your kid is too young to be introduced to adult card games, introduce them to this card game pack!

This gift comes with 6 card games, including Old Maid, Go Fish. Crazy Eights, Memory, Matching, and Slap Jack – allowing for hours of fun!

Deborah White