I Don’t Like To Work – 5 Steps To Make It A Reality

It comes by no surprise to hear that there are many people who don’t enjoy their job. They could be a student working a minimum wage retail job, or a middle-aged successful CEO working the job of a lifetime. Work life can be full of pressure and is something that makes this world function.

A job equals money, which equals financial stability, which equals to a roof over your head, paid bills, a functional life. But it is not always so smooth sailing.

I Don't Like To Work - 5 Steps To Make It A Reality

For many jobs there is a long process. You need a degree to develop a desired career, or you need basic experience to work in customer service (which is difficult for those looking for their first ever job).

This is not to say that every single person who works hates their job, but it is to say that there are plenty of people out there who want a life which isn’t centered on getting up at 9am every morning, heading into the office, seeing the same passive faces every day, then heading back home, then repeating that for the next thirty or so years.

There is more to life than your basic 9-5 job, and there are always other ways to live your life to the fullest. Many are afraid to take the plunge and quit their job, but if you are not wanting to work anymore, it is more than possible to make this a reality.

Why Do People Not Like Working?

Have you ever heard the phrase “I hate Mondays”? Why do you think that’s such a known phrase stemming across the globe? Well, it’s because everyone agrees, even those who enjoy work life have those days of not wanting to begin the work week again. But why is it that so many people (85% of Americans) dislike working?


One of the biggest reasons for people disliking their jobs is because of pay. It is true when they say money makes the world go round, as money is the main reason for working.

You start at the bottom (usually as a teenager), then you find another job with more benefits and a higher income, then you keep growing, earning a higher salary and landing that nice house and car you have always dreamed of. You land a life of stability.

However, on many occasions people will find they are working too much for what they receive at the end of the month. And this is an issue that happens often. How are you able to enjoy working when your efforts are not taken into consideration?


Balancing work and your day-to-day life can be difficult. With work on your mind, you are not spending as much time in the mall with friends, or you’re missing out on your kid’s soccer game. When you are working under someone else, whatever says goes, and it can be hard to be flexible.

Everyone wants to be in a position where they have a nice job whilst still being able to spend time with the ones they love, or have time dedicated to themselves. When you are in a job which doesn’t allow you to be flexible, this can make people resent working.

Just A Number

Life at the office can make you feel invisible. You are at your desk, typing away, answering client phone calls, and blended in with the rest of the workers.

You may feel like just a number and not feel appreciated for the work that you do. In any job, it is important to be valued. Without that value, you may result in wondering what the point is.

Mental Health

Mental health is a topic understood universally and is something experienced by too many people. It has been estimated that 1 in 6 Americans suffer from mental illness in the workplace, this being many mental illnesses at a time.

The most common workplace related metal illnesses are anxiety and depression, and studies show that this is most commonly developed in response to work related stress, working conditions, or social change. When a person’s mental health is being affected, it can put them in a dilemma.

It is always important to put yourself and your health first, however for many work is not some they can easily opt out of and are left to suffer more than is healthy for them.

Make It Your Reality

There are a variety of reasons people don’t like to work, and if you are something thinking this then just know that you are not the only one.

Thousands of Americans dislike their job, whether that be because they are not comfortable in their role, or are not being paid enough, or because it is taking up precious time that could be spent with loved ones. But despite all this, there is always a way out.

You may not like working and finally come to the realization that enough is enough. You can make this a reality if you know the steps to take.

Here Are 5 Steps to Making This a Reality

Take a Break

Before making any drastic changes, it is important to realize that you are allowed to take a break. This doesn’t mean you will be quitting, but means that you are taking time out for yourself. Use this well-deserved time to focus on your mental health, weigh out the pros and cons of your job.

This is a great opportunity to separate yourself from the pressures of work. And you can take however long you need. What is most important is stabilizing your mental state and taking care of your health.

A career break will allow you to partake in hobbies, spend time with friends and family, and truly analyze where you are in life. This break may be the answer people need. It may make them more motivated to return to the office, or it could make them want to take that leap of faith and start a new life outside of work.

Look At Your Finances

If you are wanting to start a new life and remove yourself from the working world, it is first essential to look at your finances. You may not be in a position where you can quit on the spot and fulfil that next stage in your life. Or perhaps you are.

You could be living with a partner who earns enough to support themselves as well as you and your children. Once you know how you are financially, then you are able to take that next step.

However, this is not to say that you have to have floods of money to leave your job, it just means that you have to have a plan and have enough of an income to succeed.


Saving is important. From saving your money as a kid in your piggybank, to saving thousands as an adult in your bank account, saving has always been a vital part of living. Saving is essential, especially if you are looking into the future.

You may save for that future Caribbean vacation you have always dreamed about or save to buy your partner the gift they’ve always wanted for their birthday, or you could be saving for a new life. If you are wanting to escape the trials and tribulations of work, saving is the first step to take.

Without extra money in your pocket, quitting your job will be a difficult task. It is important to be responsible when making such a life changing decision. 

Choose Your Final Day

When you have made that final decision, it is then time to choose your final day. Choose this day wisely. It is important not to rush into leaving your job.

You want to be sure that you have enough money to support you when you leave and that you are not rushing into anything. It can be both exciting and terrifying, but if you know that you will be better off and it will be beneficial for your health and your dreams, there is nothing stopping you.

Weigh Your Options

Finally, weight your options. You have officially decided to leave your boring 9-5 job and want to change your life. You need to plan and look at your options.

There are many things that you can do with your life that will still ensure a roof over your head but will allow you to experience life, not miss out on time with your family and friends, that will help your mental health. Weighing out your options will then allow you to start your new journey.

Work Alternatives

There are a variety of ways to live a fulfilling and fruitful life whilst earning the money you need to live. It is done by many, however it is the complete shift in lifestyle which makes people fear taking the big leap. But once you have completed all of the steps above, you need to follow a plan.

Here is a list of a number of work alternatives which allow you to embark on adventures, stay with loved ones, and not have to work that horrible 9-5 job.


Freelance work is growing more popular by the day. Freelancers are those who are self-employed, not working under an employer for a long-term basis. This is a great option to look into as you are in charge of your own life.

Simply find something you are skilled at and enjoy, find a company looking for a freelancer, work your own hours and have the freedom of living your life at the same time. Freelance work ranges in all job fields from photography to graphic design and is a great way to enjoy the things you love whilst earning.

You also don’t have to worry about committing your life to one job. This is something you can do when the time fits you and can do so from a comfortable environment.

Start Your Own Business

Starting your own business takes dedication and drive but gives you the freedom to grow something that you love and not have the pressure of working under anybody. You are your own boss. Say goodbye to the stress of deadlines, to working on something you have zero passion for.

Starting your own business can be challenging, but when you are working on something you love that makes it all worthwhile. You can choose to create a business that is office based, or a business online.

More and more people are opting to start online business, allowing them more freedom to work from wherever they please and still have that quality time with their family at home.

Travel Blog

This one is for all those who are stuck in the office all day staring at those same bleak walls, dreaming of vacationing to Paris, London, Japan, Australia. Travel blogging incorporates travelling and blogging in which a person writes about their experiences abroad for other to read.

In order for this to grow, you have to have a passion for travelling, a drive for writing, and a love for sharing your experiences. What is great about travel blogging is that you won’t be stuck behind a desk with a giant workload.

Every day you will be embarking on a new adventure, discovering new foods, drinks, cultures. This is a great way to turn your dreams into a reality, and to work without feeling like you are really working.

Au Pair

The duties of an au pair are to help a household with things such as housework and nannying, but what makes this extraordinary is that you will be living in a foreign country. This would not even feel like work but as though you are living life.

You will be doing the day-to-day routines whilst being able to pursue a new culture, and there are no limitations. Choose where you wish to travel, whether that be France, Germany, or the Netherlands.


If you are creative and have a skill that you wish to one day sell, this is your chance to pursue it. Whether you are a skilled photographer, fictional writer, or are a great at fashion design, there is always someone looking for a creative person like you.

Not working means you have more time than ever to spend time doing the things you love, whether that be finishing your novel, crocheting a collection of sweaters, or spending time with nature in your photography. Now is the time to turn your hobby into something more.

Know That Your Life Will Change

One of the greatest things about having a job, no matter how tiring it is, is that paycheck. Money allows you to treat yourself, have a lavish lifestyle and feel secure. This is why you must know what you are getting yourself into when leaving your job.

Unless money is being handed to you, you will have to say goodbye to that steady income and sense of security. Although you will still have an income or savings, just know that the way you can spend money will change. In simpler terms, it is time to get ready for a life of simplicity.

But this is not a bad thing. There is nothing better than living a fulfilling life where money is not the center of your concerns. There are many who choose to live out on the road, converting RVs into homes.

This saves them money yet allows them to live in a place they can call home, exploring the world. There are also those who live in your average house but enjoy the minimalistic life. There are too many people who think to live you need money, when they are forgetting about the value of life itself.

Switching from a 9-5 job flipping burgers or taking calls at the office will be but a distant memory, and the way you live your life will change as you know it.

Final Thoughts

So, you don’t like to work – you are not alone. An incredible 85% of Americans dislike their jobs and there are many who are searching for a way out. We have gone through five steps to make that a reality as well as possible options to pursue. It is not worth putting your work before your health as this will only lead to a downward spiral.

With so many people suffering with mental illness from their work, this can only go bad unless the problem at hand is dealt with. Forcing yourself to work in a place which is mentally draining you can lead to stress, anxiety, and depression. Free yourself from the pain of work and pursue something you love.

It is most important to have a plan. Once this plan is done, you will be prepared to leave your position and live a carefree life.

There are many benefits to having a change of scenario in work. You will be connected to the world on a deeper level, understand that money isn’t the only think people should live for, and recognize your value. Take the time to catch up with loved ones, spend time with your child, partner, friends, and enjoy what you do.

Leaving your job does not mean you will end up with no money and with a life of poverty. There are a variety of things to do to ensure that you can live a financially stable life and be happy. If you have a skill, share it with the world. Do something you enjoy and don’t be restricted by the pressures of work. You only have one life, so live it.

Deborah White