About Us

When it comes to spending money, I think we can all agree that saving money on items you purchase is both satisfying and helpful. Where possible it is always worth looking into things such as discount codes, sales, and vouchers. 

Nowadays, the vast majority of businesses run sales and offer discounts every now and again, and it is always worth taking advantage of this. Whether this is around the holiday period and you are looking to save dollars on gifts, or whether it is on a fancy meal you are planning with your family. All the savings add up and make your bank account more pleasant to look at!

Hi, my name is Deborah White, and I love to save money where possible. I will be the first person to admit that I am frugal, but when you have three children and two low income salaries, saving money makes all the difference. This is why I decided to set up this site, to help others save money too. 

There are so many people that spend more money than necessary every day, when there are ways to save money that they may not be aware of. Through All Things Frugal, I will be sharing all the knowledge I have picked up over the years, from the best gifts to purchase on a budget, to how you can save money on more expensive purchases.

I will also be discussing money savings tips and how you can successfully live on a budget, while still purchasing the things you love and enjoy. All Things Frugal is your ultimate guide to saving money.