$21 An Hour Is How Much A Year? Can I Live On It?

Naturally, there are a whole lot of variables that can make this figure pretty difficult to work out. This is just because everyone has such different working circumstances, so what we aim to do here is to provide you with a rough average of the sort of money that you could be earning.

We just have to give an outline of a general example first of all, and then we can expand on this outline throughout the piece. So, what are you waiting for?! Make sure that you read on to find out just how much $21 an hour will give you per year… You might be pretty pleased with the outcome too.

$21 An Hour Is How Much A Year Can I Live On It

Estimating How Much You Will Earn In A Year 

If we are assuming that you are working 35 hours per week on average. Of course, this all depends on your working day and the hours that you tend to work.

For instance, if you are working part time then you might work for 20 hours per week for $21 per hour. Using both of these estimates we can calculate the amount of money that you should earn in a year.

So, taking the assumption that you work for 52 weeks in the year, then to calculate your yearly wage you will multiply 35 hours with 52 weeks. This gives you a total of 1,820 hours of work. Then, you will need to multiply this with your hourly salary which is $21. This will leave you with $38,220.

This means that you will have a gross annual salary of $38,220 and you can earn this if you are getting paid $21 per hour. Naturally, this is the figure that you will be left with before income taxes, or insurances or anything else is deducted from your pay.

Once all of this has been dealt with, then what you will actually end up taking home will end up being deposited into your account with a bank.

Alternatively, if you are working part-time then you will instead need to multiply 20 hours with 52 weeks. This will in turn give you 1,040 working hours, therefore your yearly salary will become $21 multiplied by 1,040 hours. This will give you a total of $21,840 per year.

How Much Will $21 An Hour Give You Per Month?

If you are earning $21 per hour then you will find that your monthly salary comes to approximately $3,640. This is something that is pretty easy to work out. So, in order to work out your monthly salary you need to establish how much you earn annually.

We know that you earn $38,220 per year so this amount will need to be divided by 12. This is because there are 12 months in a year. This equates to $3,185 per month.

It is important to remember that there are some months which have more days, such as January, or there are some months which have less days such as February.

This means that this figure could fluctuate slightly, so in some months you could end up earning slightly more, and then in other months you could end up earning slightly less.

It is also important to bear in mind that how frequently you get paid will have an impact on this too – because during holiday periods you might get paid a bonus or you might have periods of time where your work hours get increased.

Or, this might end up being the other way around. We’ll be optimistic and assume that your holiday pay will be more since it is the time of giving anyway!

How Much Will $21 An Hour Earn You Per Week?

The natural progression would now be to work out your weekly wage. Who doesn’t want to know how much they will be making for their weekly salary?! Here’s the thing, every single week we have to get up and go to work – so how much will you end up having to spend on the weekend? 

Let’s go right back to our initial example of assuming that you work an average of 35 hours per week. So, in order to work this out you can multiply this by $21 will give you $735 per week. Additionally, if you are working part time then you will end up earning $420 if you are working for 20 hours per week.

As we mentioned before, it is especially important to remember that your amount of money can differ in a whole host of ways.

Here’s the thing, there could end up being weeks where you will put in extra time – and there might be some days where you could get a bonus payment, or you might find that you have to skip work on some occasions if you are not feeling well.

It is also important to remember that the amount of money which you save from this – and also the amount of money which you spend will be entirely dependent on how well you plan your budget each and every week.

Let’s Talk About How Much $21 Per Hour Will Earn You Bi-Weekly

Will Earn You Bi-Weekly

If you are earning on average $735 per week, then your bi-weekly wage will be double this number. So, in this case your bi-weekly wage will be $1,470.

Alternatively, it is important to note that if you are working part-time then this number will end up doubling to $420 and this is $840 on a bi-weekly basis.

Here’s the thing, this can end up changing depending on your working hours and also depending on whether you are working extra hours or if you are even taking time off in that particular week.

Additionally, you should find that you will be able to earn more money through overtime and this is because your overtime pay will ultimately increase your paychecks from time to time.

How Much Will $21 An Hour Make You Per Day?

Let’s break this down real quick. It is true that this number will depend on the total number of hours which you will work in a day. Also, this figure can fluctuate depending on you or even on your employer.

There could be some days where you might work 10 hours or other days you might only end up working for 4 hours. 

If we generate an average figure for the amount of hours that you work per day let’s use 7 hours. To work out how much money you will be earning per day you will need to multiply $21 by 7 and this will give you a figure of $147 per day.

Or, if you find that you tend to work for 8 hours per day then you will earn $168. Alternatively, if you tend to work for 10 hours per day then you will make $210 each day.

Here’s the thing, if you are working part-time then this amount will become $84 if you are working for 4 hours per day. Again, you might find that your rates of pay will be pretty consistent but your weekly salary can end up increasing based upon the actual time that you have worked for.

Remember that if you are someone who is in a pay-per-hour setup, then your gross pay will ultimately equate to your fixed wage multiplied by the total number of hours that you work each week.

What Jobs Will Have A Salary Of $21 Per Hour?

You will be pleased to know that there are actually a pretty wide range of jobs that will let you work for $21 per hour. It is important that if this is a goal of yours then the need to work hard to find a job that suits you the best.

Other important factors in finding a job to suit you are to make sure that you have polished your resume and that your interview game is on top form too. 

Some of the jobs which will let you make $21 per hour are bank tellers, freelance writers or copywriters, virtual assistant jobs and also being a freelance graphic designer. Alternatively, you might also find that being restaurant or kitchen staff, or being a security guard, or being a truck or Uber driver.

Additionally, warehouse workers can end up earning $21 per hour or a sales representative job will also allow you to earn up to $21 per hour.

Let’s Talk Resumes Real Quick


It is really important that you have perfected your resume, especially when you reach a stage in your life where you will be wanting to switch careers. One thing that you will not want to miss is the detail that you include within your resume.

When you are penning your resume, you need to make sure that what you are saying is clear and concise but you also need to ensure that you do not scrimp on any details. 

Is $21 An Hour A Good Salary?

A question that you might be wanting to know the answer to is as follows: is $21 an hour a good salary? Well, you will be pleased to know that earning this wage is actually double the minimum wage in the majority of states. So, this really is not a terrible salary to be on. 

Here’s the thing, it will not even be difficult to live on $21 per hour, however this is something that can ultimately be relatively challenging to manage.

We say this because you will end up earning $38,220 on an annual basis, although this is way under the median income of $60,000 per year. 

If this is something that you are particularly stressed about – then we completely get it. Managing this kind of money is a big step, but you will be pleased to know that we have some advice for you coming up and this will really help you to manage your money effectively.

It is pretty clear that earning $21 per hour is a pretty great amount of money to be earning, however, you will need to make sure that you manage your money effectively to get the full benefit of this.

How Can You Live On $21 Per Hour?

Here’s the thing, altering or amending your goals and your plans so that you can align this with your budget will actually be really helpful.

It is important to note that sadly you will have to curb your spending cycle and you will also have to make sure that you fix a budget plan which can help you to live smoothly. 

Another huge factor that will impact your budgeting plan will also be your cost of living. For instance, if you are living in an area which has a particularly high cost of living then you will have to be a lot smarter and a lot more savvy when it comes to saving your money effectively. 

Additionally, you might notice that you will have to cut down on the purchasing of luxury items – or you will have to be especially selective when it comes to picking what restaurants you want to visit. And, we all know that buying drinks can be especially expensive too.

Here’s the thing, there are always cheaper alternatives which will mean that you will not have to reduce your own standard of fun in order to fit your standard of living. 

There are a whole host of ways in which you will be able to save money and still enjoy yourself too.

What About Those Tips And Tricks That We Promised You?

Now, we can move on to our top tips and tricks that will really help you to save your money and you will be able to fully enjoy yourself by earning $21 per hour as your wage. Our tips and tricks can be adaptable to suit you and your personal preferences.

Also, you can decide as to whether you want to start getting into saving or if you want to be a lot better at budgeting. Either way you can work your way through these tips and tricks and you can pick out the ones which will suit you the very best. 

So, without further ado let’s get onto these tips and tricks.

This Might Seem Obvious, But You Will Need To Spend A Lot Less…

It is important to improve your spending habits, and you should really try to spend a lot less than what you are earning. Also, this will also help you to not get caught in any kind of debt cycle, which can have some pretty serious consequences later on.

In short, you should not spend all of the money that you make. You should try really hard to save up your money as best as you can. 

It is important that you keep some money aside for emergencies, or even for those classic rainy days that we all put money aside for. Or, you should just put money aside to make sure that you save up for future investments – this is something that you will definitely thank yourself for. 

The thought of living a more stingy lifestyle is not massively appealing, we understand. However, this is not always the worst idea because you will then end up spending money on things that are absolutely essential to you. This will allow you to save up a lot of money overall.

You Need To Be Happy In Your Standard Of Living

The best thing that you can do is to ultimately learn to find some sort of contentment with your annual income and also what you can afford with this kind of salary too.

You need to remember that your salary will ultimately make you very entitled to certain amenities in life, however you should always make sure that you are living within your means.

It is pretty common to want to buy more things, this is a pretty common theme in society as a whole. We always want the next best gadgets, or cars, or clothes or homeware.

And, that want doesn’t just disappear. We will always want the next best thing, but it is also important that you make sure that you find meaning in non-materialistic things as well. 

Here’s the thing, each time you go to make that splurge purchase, you should take a moment just to make sure that you really think about your buying decision. You can ask yourself whether you actually need this new product, or if it is merely a desire which you can overcome. 

Learn To Find The Saving Process An Enjoyable One!

Enjoying saving up your money?! Yeah, it is actually possible to do this. We know that saving money can actually be a pretty tedious process, so you should try and keep this as fun and as exciting as possible. You can try to keep your expenses low and you can also have fun when you do this too. 

One way of doing this could be to have a ‘no spending month challenge’ every once in a while, and this can really help you to reset your own spending. This will also enable you to spend money on the things that you find to be pretty important. 

If this isn’t something that sounds like it will work all that well for you, then you could actually try to keep a ‘No Take Outs Week’ and this will mean that you use up the food that you have in your refrigerator and this will help you to enjoy your food and also save money too. 

You could even try a ‘52-week money savings challenge’ which will help you to keep your expenses as low as possible. This challenge is designed to really get you into the habit of saving up money, and this means that each week you will be able to set aside a certain amount of money.

This will really push you to make your savings goals that you have set for yourself. It is important that you really dedicate yourself to this challenge and you should just go for it. 

Why Is A Money Saving Challenge Important Or Helpful?

You should find that a money saving challenge can be especially helpful if you are wanting to save up cash and reach your dream life, and also your financial goals.

When you reach a point where you can save up money and also build up a sense of financial stability. This will ensure that you can feel much more at ease when you reach a point of making certain decisions.

Saving up money can help you to enjoy taking time off work and doing something fun, and eventually you will be able to end up working less so that you can subsequently enjoy doing more. 

Who doesn’t like the sound of this?! Enjoying more freedom, so that they can do what they love. 

It is true that everyone will have a lot of different goals and they will have a lot of different factors encroaching on their lives that will sometimes make this easy but it will sometimes make things difficult.

So you should notice the line between feeling trapped by a money saving challenge, or just feeling like you can’t be bothered to start saving up your money.

It is important to note that the majority of people will want to begin their saving challenges in January. This is usually that new year bug that people get hit with, and ultimately this is something that can help to motivate you. A new year is starting, so you should really get saving!

Although, we have to say that there really is no time quite like the present so – what are you waiting for?! Why wait another few months, when you could start saving up now?!

Ultimately, a money saving challenge is key to helping you keep your expenses low – and you will also be able to encourage your family members to join in too – and this should motivate you to help you save up your money as well.

What Can You Do With This Money?

In case it wasn’t pretty obvious, there is a lot that you can do with this money that you have saved up. You need to make sure that you have a clear goal in mind, and you need to remind yourself as to exactly why you are saving up this money in the first place.

Doing this will ensure that you stay as motivated as possible, and this will help you to power on through your saving challenge that you have set yourself. 

With the money that you have saved up you can ultimately save up for early retirement, and this is something that is always pretty great to do.

It is always important for you to have a specific amount of money put aside ready for when you finish work and retire. This is something that can really help you to speed up your way to early retirement too. 

Saving this money can also help you to build up your own emergency fund. Here’s the thing, an emergency fund is especially important because it can really help to give you some peace of mind.

Having an emergency fund will really help you to cover any kinds of unexpected expenses that might be thrown your way. This will help you to avoid taking on any extra debt when these unexpected costs end up showing themselves. It is said that three to six months of living expenses should be saved in your emergency fund. 

Saving this money can also help you to take the plunge and have a mini-retirement of sorts. So, having a mini-retirement is not just for anyone… Yeah, it can take you a while to save up for your dreams.

But, planning for your very own mini-retirement will allow you to live your dream life, and this will give you the perfect opportunity to do whatever it is that you have always wanted to do. 

Saving up this money will also allow you to invest. When you are putting your money into the stock market then you are ultimately making the money work for you.

Here’s the thing, we all know that there will be drops within the stock market – but this is not something that you should be fearful of in any way. Eventually you should find that the trend of the market will always increase. 

Consider Picking Up A Side Hustle To Help Boost Your Income

If you are desperate to increase your spending, and you are fed up with saving your money all the time then picking up a side hustle of some kind can be a really great way of earning more money. 

You should definitely consider picking up a side hustle, or you could even shift your jobs, or you could even build up some high-income skills – or if you are feeling especially brave then you could ask your employer for a pay rise.

The kind of side hustle that you are keen to pursue will ultimately depend on you personally – but there will certainly be something out there that will really suit you.

For instance, if you have a specialist subject then you could become a tutor and this would give you a pretty great income on top of your earnings.

You could even start up your own business on the side – and you could turn something that you love into a source of income. Or, you could even sell clothes online. 

Considering Getting A Side Hustle As A Virtual Assistant

Becoming a virtual assistant will actually allow you to work from home, and you will also be able to determine your own hours. Whether this is a field in which you are a beginner or whether you have experience in doing this you will be able to find the right platform to suit you.

Here’s the thing, working from home is becoming more and more normalized and working as a virtual assistant is an extremely popular career choice for this very reason.

This is also a great way to help you to earn some money on the side. Working as a virtual assistant will give you some flexible hours, and you usually will not have to leave your home for this role.

Job openings for virtual assistants will actually allow you to decide your working hours for yourself. And, best of all is that you can usually work in your comfies from your laptop and you can get your work done wherever you like. This is a pretty big win if you ask us!

You will be pleased to know that there are more and more virtual assistant jobs appearing on the market. This is because companies have come to the realization that this role has a lot of benefits.

The role of virtual assistant really helps with being a vital resource for the company’s tasks and this all works without having to negotiate full or even part-time pay, perks and commitments. A virtual assistant is a pretty big win for companies as they will actually get qualified and skilled resources, all with a pretty minimal cost too.

On the whole, virtual assistants will get access to good jobs that have flexible hours along with the freedom to be able to work from home. This will be really helpful in saving on commutes, or on childcare, or even on time!

In summary, virtual assistants will usually be needed by new businesses and also smaller online entrepreneurs who are requiring assistance with routine tasks. These kinds of companies will not have the capacity or even the need to get full-time staff, and for this very reason they will rely upon virtual support.

This will help in the completion of everyday jobs such as social media advertisement along with email support too. As a virtual assistant you will need to be someone that is relatively flexible because you will be working as a support system for the existing full-term staff. This can mean that you will get a pretty broad base of tasks.

Making Sure That You Plan A Viable Budget

The easiest way that you can live on $21 per hour is to educate yourself on how to make a sensible budget and the key to this is actually following this budget. Yeah, this is something that can be pretty great in theory but you have to actually follow this budget.

If you actually have a proper budget planned out then you should be able to restrain yourself from exceeding this. Use your budget to motivate you rather than to hold you back.

Budgeting will leave you with more money to save or to invest or to spend on other luxurious goods that you may want. This will really help you to cut down on your unnecessary spending and this will ensure that you only buy things that you deem to be absolutely essential.

In Conclusion

If you are earning $21 per hour then you can end up earning a pretty generous amount per year. All in all, earning $21 per hour is not all that bad, and this is a pay rate that can be considered to be especially fair.

However, it is especially important to note that you should not find earning this amount of money overwhelming. It is a pretty great thing if you find that your hourly rate of pay is within this range.

All of the standard deductions that can be based on your tax rate aside, you will find that your take-home pay should be sufficient for you to make ends meet.

If you are someone who follows your budget especially strictly then you will be able to afford all of the luxuries that you are wanting in your life.

Deborah White