15 Brilliant Ways To Make Money With A Cargo Van (Or Truck)

So, you’re looking to buy a cargo van huh? Thinking you can make some money in a load of different ways but not sure where to start or what to do? Then you’ve made the right decision coming here for some advice! 

At a time when we need money more than ever, getting an advantage is incredibly important and ventures that involve a cargo truck can make you some serious bucks, whether that’s on the side or as a main source of income!

15 Brilliant Ways To Make Money With A Cargo Van (Or Truck)

There’s probably some obvious ones you’re thinking of – but the key to real money making ideas with a cargo truck is going outside of the obvious and considering the things that others might overlook. Anyways, let’s dive in and see if we can make some real dough with a cargo van! 

Way #1: Food Delivery 

With such advances in technology and consumer habits, there’s probably never been a better time to consider jumping on the bandwagon and getting involved in food delivery. 

With the big players in the game like Doordash or UberEats and the smaller guys who run their own takeout restaurants, you’ve always got a great opportunity to use your cargo van in a money making way. 

Think about it – you can be hired on an hourly wage with some of these companies and make some decent tips too. Maybe you’re looking for something far more casual than that – no problem. You’re the one with the truck, so just do some ad-hoc deliveries at times that suit you! 

You could deliver pizzas maybe on the weekends or the evenings to fit around your primary work, or maybe you would want to take it a little further. If that’s the case, maybe you could consider delivering groceries. 

As we’re talking about a cargo truck, chances are – you’ve got some good space in that vehicle which fits way more than just a couple of pizzas or hamburgers. So why not work a little harder and go to the grocery store for people and fill up your truck. Okay, it may be a lot more effort and might use more gas, but you’re likely to make more money that way! 

Whichever form of food delivery you choose, you have the flexibility of work that suits you. Perhaps in the lead up to the holidays, you could take full advantage of your cargo truck and make all those deliveries that people are making – whilst saving up for all the Christmas gifts you’re wanting to buy for people! Win win. 

Way #2: Retail Delivery 

Some small businesses try to offer their customers some great extras when it comes to their purchasing experience. These might include things like last minute delivery options.

If you think this is something that you might be interested in, then maybe it’s a good idea to go out and speak with small, local retail businesses and see if they need a hand with their daily operations. 

Think of people like hardware or electronics stores. If they are a small, independently owned business – they might not have the capacity to offer deliveries like the big names in the game do, which is where you fit in.

You can try and negotiate a bonus scheme for “on call” deliveries – effectively you’re charging more money for your convenient quick delivery option. 

Because of the size of your cargo truck, you could deliver a whole host of items, including big screen TVs, refrigerators, washing machines, ovens and furniture. It may be backbreaking at times, but it’s certainly worth the work for the potential earnings you can make! 

Way #3: Help With Moving 

Every day in the US, somebody will be moving house and the problem with moving home is that you need to clear out all your stuff and transport it somewhere. Moving companies can charge a significant amount of money for their services, so you can come in and undercut the competition with your own venture. 

You could even reach out to local landlords or estate agents who may need help with things like evictions or renovations. As you’ll be working for yourself, you will have the choice of your prices – which might be much more exciting and reasonable to landlords or estate agents.

Whatsmore, you’re almost guaranteed to have repeat work if you do a good job for a reasonable rate and you might even get more business from other agencies, if your work is of a good standard! 

It’s important that you check the regulations in your state though, as you may need certain types of liability insurance or special permits. 

Way #4: Haulage Services 

Much like houses, businesses often require some assistance moving premises or maybe they’ve gone bankrupt and need to move all of their old stock. Whatever the case, your services will definitely be required! Get yourself out to local businesses and drop in a business card, you might soon be needed!

Additionally, people sometimes need large items cleared out from their homes and taken to recycling centers or the local dump. It can be pricey, hard work and seriously time consuming for a resident to do it all themselves.

So, if you’re offering a service where you do it all – you can charge that extra few bucks for your all rounded service. 

Way #5: Become A Mobile Billboard 

What is the easiest way to make money these days? Offering platforms for advertising of course!

There are so many businesses and companies out there that need advertising to boost their sales numbers, so if you’re not too concerned about what your cargo truck looks like, you could transform it into a giant driving billboard. 

Consider speaking with your local businesses or looking online for places that want or need their services advertised near you and see if you can assist. Another way you could do it is by contacting people like Wrapify, who pay very good money to wrap advertisements around your cargo truck every month. 

At times, it might be a little tiresome or you might not agree with some of the advertisements for whatever reason – but aside from these small gripes, you can make a nice pay packet for doing next to nothing every month. What more could you ask for?

Way #6: Become A Rent-A-Truck 

For many of these reasons on this list, people will need a truck – but the reasons might alter. One day, someone may need a truck to move house and the next day, someone might need a truck to take their furniture to the dump.

Whatever the case, you might not be using your truck everyday – so why not simply offer it up for daily or weekly rental? You can choose your rates and make it more reasonable than some of the vehicle rental services in your local area. All it takes is a little market research and some basic advertising on things like social media or in your nearby stores. 

Renting your truck is a good way to keep the truck in use whilst also making money from it. Moreover, if one day, your truck isn’t in use by a renter – you could use it for another money making idea, so you’re making money on top of money! 

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Way #7: Deliver For Amazon 

Have you ever heard of AmazonFlex? It’s a great service that gives people with cargo trucks and small vans the opportunity to deliver their items in your area and for some great pay. 

The current problem is that AmazonFlex is relatively new, so it’s not exactly all across the United States yet – but if it is, you could make around 25 bucks an hour for your delivery service. So, be sure to keep an eye out for this! 

Way #8: Towing Service 

There will always be a time that something needs to be towed. Whether that be somebody’s badly parked car, a boat or maybe even a vehicle that the owner hasn’t kept up payments with! 

Whichever the situation, you could cash in on this by asking companies in your area if they are in any need of towing services. Try looking at apartment complex agencies, boat salespeople, car financing groups and car sales companies. You should be able to find somebody! 

Way #9: Deliver For GoShare 

Let’s ask you a few questions. Are you 18 or over? Do you have a valid US driver’s license? Do you have a cargo truck and automobile insurance? If you answered yes to all these questions, you can make good money with GoShare!

GoShare offers prospective deliverers the opportunity to make an average of $60 an hour (and tips) whenever they have the time to do so! The best thing about this operation is that they have all the relevant liability and cargo insurance – and they take care of all the paperwork and financial aspects. All you got to do? Get in the truck and drive! 

You’ll need to agree to a background check, and assuming you pass that and your cargo truck is eligible for their services (a model newer than 2001 and in good condition), then you’re golden! 

Way #10: Link Up With UShip

UShip is a service that allows people with a cargo truck to match with people and businesses that need your help. You get paid immediately after you perform a delivery, so no pesky waiting around for money! 

You could be moving gym equipment, pets, or basic household items, so everyday is likely to be different. Why not download their app and take a look? 

Way #11: Be A Mobile Pet Groomer 

Do you like animals and do you have a truck? You could put these two things together and have the best job in the world!

There are two ways of doing this. If you’re a qualified pet groomer, you could set up a full mobile pet grooming business and do the whole thing – but if you just have a truck, you could hook up with local pet stores, grooming stores or vets and offer your services to bring people’s cuddly companions to them. 

There’s almost certainly going to be different types of insurance required for this depending on your state, so be sure to check that out before you set out. 

Way #12: Be A Mobile Cleaner 

You know one business that is totally recession proof? Dirt. Dirt will always exist, whether that is cars or houses. Sometimes, people need a pressure washer to clean their property but simply don’t have one. This is where you slot in. 

If you invest in a good pressure washer with all the right equipment and attachments, you can offer a cleaning service to people who need their houses, cars, trucks, businesses, gardens, driveways and anywhere else shot with water! 

You could take this further if you feel like being a window cleaner or business and house cleaner, but that choice is down to you! 

Way #13: Become A Mobile Florist 

If you’re a keen business person and you’re always doing some kind of market research, you may have noticed a gap in the market for your town to have a mobile florist. 

Flowers are for so many different occasions, but some people don’t have the time or the ability to transport them to where they want them to go. You could be the person that solves this problem. You can make contact with local florists to make deliveries on their behalf – or you could take it the whole way and source the flowers yourself. 

That may be a little tricky depending on your location and your knowledge of flowers, so be wary over which avenue you choose. 

Way #14: Start A Gardening Service 

Gardening is really rewarding, but it’s very exhausting work. People these days may not have the time, the energy or the tools to keep their gardens looking amazing – and this is why someone like you could help fill the void. 

Invest in some professional gardening tools, get yourself knowledgeable about the industry and get your name out there. There are so many professionals, landlords and elderly people that need help with their gardening – so you can be sure that the work won’t dry up. 

Way #15: Home Improvement 

Are you a big fan of home improvement projects? Think you can be the next Tim Taylor? With a cargo van, you can transport some really big tools and building equipment – which, if paired with the right know-how, can make you some big money in the home improvement racket! 

Of course, you’re going to need to do some serious research into the business and you wouldn’t go out there without any sort of home improvement knowledge or qualification – but the idea is a good one if you’ve got experience in the field. 

If you don’t, you could consider driving the equipment and tools for someone who is qualified and maybe just take a small share of the takings, whilst making some other money on the side! 

Summing It Up 

Owning a cargo van (or cargo truck) is a fantastic money making opportunity. You can fulfill deliveries such as food, groceries and consumer goods – or you could choose to get stuck into some real manual labor for more money, like haulage or moving items. 

Whatever you choose to do, consider how much work you want to do and how much time you can dedicate to the side business. If you don’t have much time but you have a truck that’s not doing much – the best choices to make would be the mobile billboard or truck rental ideas. 

If you’ve got a lot of time on your hands and the truck is in a great condition, then the choice is really yours. In any case, you have to ensure you have the right insurance and permits – whilst also making sure that you’re eligible for certain jobs and you are physically, mentally and financially capable to carry out the work. 

You don’t want to overstretch yourself for a couple of extra bucks a month! 

Deborah White