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Planning a Child's Birthday Theme Party? Here are Some Money Saving Tips!

By Liz

Throwing a Yo Gabba Gabba themed party for your three year old child might make any parent think to themselves, "Oh Mamma Mia – what have I committed to?"  As you sit yourself down and pull out your pen and paper, you ask yourself another question, "How much money is this going to take?".  

Questions like these are common for the budget conscience parent trying to throw some creativity into a memorable and fun birthday bash for their little ones. It’s one thing to have a party with a few streamers and some cake, but to make it really special and unique you’ve chosen to base the theme of the party around your child’s favorite children’s TV show. 

Fortunately, there are many money saving tips that can be put into practice to turn this party into a fun experience with as little stress as possible.  We'll break the planning of a theme party down into a few areas:  costumes, food and decorations.

Costume Ideas

Costumes are not mandatory, but when putting on any theme party (even adult theme parties) they play an important role in setting the mood.   Choose a theme that allows for a variety of characters to represent as this makes it easier for guests to choose a character that fits in their budget.  

Costumes can get costly if made at home - plus they can also cost you time - something many of do not have.   So let people know that they can be as creative as they want - or as mentioned above just wear clothes that represent the colors of their character.   For example, with Yo Gabba Gabba, any girl can wear a pink dress or skirt and some pink accessories and call themselves Foofa - who is known for her pink dress/outfit.  Boys can wear all red clothing to represent Muno the red Cyclops. 

What is a Party without Good Food?

Food can be one of the most expensive items or if planned properly can cost very little.   The food should somehow be representative of the characters in the TV show.  Yes, this is when you would want to call in the Cake Boss from the Food Network, but don’t worry you can get around this rather easily. 

Most bakeries at grocery stores have cakes that they can customize for events - especially for young kids.  Ask them ahead of time if they are able to customize a sheet cake using a Yo Gabba Gabba theme.   They may surprise you with some options, especially when you tell them your budget.  

For example, perhaps instead of special painted characters, they can simply use the colors of the TV show and do some fancy writing like a message that says, "Happy Birthday __________!   From Muno, Foofa, Brobee, Toodee, Plex and DJ Lance Rock!"    Adding something as simple as that can turn a boring uninspiring sheet cake into something fun and personal.

Don't Forget the Party Decorations!

The easy thing to do is to go find a store that carries Yo Gabba Gabba table cloths, napkins, plates and cups.   However, specialty items like this can get costly especially if it is a large crowd.  In addition, not all party stores will have Yo Gabba party supplies - which means more of your time is searching and looking around.

So as an alternative to custom items, choose color coordinated items to bring the them together.   Here are some ideas:

Color Coordinated Balloons   

You do not need images on the balloons, but by selecting balloons which match the colors of each character (red, blue, yellow, green and pink) you will save a bundle.   Tie the balloons in groups to chairs, tables, the mailbox and anywhere else you can think of.   Draw on smiley faces that look like the characters - for example a big single eye for Muno the red Cyclops.  

Use Color Coordinated Table Cloths    

Instead of looking for table cloths which already contain Yo Gabba Gabba images, or even patterns with the right colors, purchase solid color table cloths and overlap them, or fold two in half and have one on half the table while the second color is on the other end of the table.   Be creative!

Inexpensive Wall Art

If you want some easy wall art, keep your eyes open for Yo Gabba Gabba calendars and tear out the images and tack them to the walls in the areas where most of the entertainment will be held. Make sure to use a lot of images in the entrance way to really make a great first impression.  Posters can be expensive so this is a great alternative. 

If you have a nice color printer, you can always find images online and print them out and while you may not be able to print on large paper, you can always create fun collages and put them in a cheap frame or glue them onto backing board.

For additional low cost wall art, go to any craft store or even dollar stores and you should be able to find large pieces of multi-colored poster paper.   Purchase a few sheets of each color that represents a figure and once home sketch out a large scale image of each character.  Once cut out and details are drawn in such as eyes, mouths, etc., tape or tack them to the wall!   Add a “call out” for each one and write what they might say such as, “Happy Birthday Lucy!”

Coming up with ideas for how to cut your budget is a tough thing to do – especially with something like a planned theme party.   But with a little creativity you can trim costs with these simple tips and still make a fun and exciting party for all your Yo Gabba Gabba fans!

This article was contributed by Liz who writes for a website which features ideas for theme birthday parties to help make it easier to for parents to find the right supplies they need to make birthday parties a true success!

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