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Why You Need More Hydrogen Peroxide

Hydrogen peroxide is useful for so much more than just disinfecting wounds and cuts! If you are looking for a cheap, useful multipurpose addition to your home cleaning products, you’ll find that hydrogen peroxide is one of the best:

  • Gets rid of stains – Stains can be a nightmare, especially if you have white carpets, upholstery, or clothing. Pit stains (stains on the underarms of a shirt left by sweat) can ruin all sorts of white and colored clothing, but hydrogen peroxide can get them out. Use a soft brush to apply a bit of hydrogen peroxide to the clothing, let it sit on the shirt for a few minutes, then rinse with cold water. Repeat until the stain disappears. The beauty of hydrogen peroxide is that it will work wonderfully for wine stains, grass stains, chocolate stains, and even blood stains! The hydrogen peroxide separates the stain particles from the fiber of clothing, carpet, or upholstery, making it easier for you to rinse or wipe them away.
  • Clean marble – If your marble isn’t properly sealed, or the seal has worn away over years of use, it’s more likely to be stained. Even water can stain unsealed marble, potentially ruining the costly, beautiful stone. If you want to keep your marble clean and free of stains, use hydrogen peroxide as a cleaner. Mix up some hydrogen peroxide with all-purpose flour (the kind you use to bake and cook), and apply the resulting paste to the stains on your floor or kitchen counter. Cover the pasted areas with plastic wrap, let sit overnight, and scrub up in the morning. Even if the stain isn’t completely gone, it will be much lighter and far less visible.
  • Use in place of bleach -- Bleach can be a handy all-purpose cleaning for bathrooms, sinks, toilets, and floors, but it can stink up the place–not to mention the high risk of ruining your clothing. You can add hydrogen peroxide into your mop water to leave the house nice and clean. If you’re washing laundry that you want to bleach, add some hydrogen peroxide into the water. It’s a much softer type of bleach that will leave your clothes beautifully white, and it will help to kill of fungus and mold at the same time.
  • Clean toilets -- Pour a bit of hydrogen peroxide into your toilets, and let it sit for 15 to 20 minutes. The inside of the toilet bowl will be much easier to clean, thanks to the fact that the hydrogen peroxide loosens up the particles clinging to the porcelain. You won’t have to waste money on toilet bowl cleaner (like Ajax–which costs more than a bottle of hydrogen peroxide).
  • Kill mold -- Worried about mold in your bathroom, your closets, or your carpets? Hydrogen peroxide will do the trick! Spray a bit of hydrogen peroxide onto any tiles or porcelain that looks moldy, let it sit for 5 to 10 minutes, then clean with a sponge or scrub brush. Hydrogen peroxide will help to loosen mold stains on your carpets (killing the mold at the same time), making it much easier for you to keep your carpets clean. Wipe down your closet shelves and drawers with hydrogen peroxide to kill off any mold.
  • Sanitize cutting boards -- To get rid of food odors and any particles clinging to the scratches and indentations in the cutting board, spray hydrogen peroxide onto the board on a weekly basis. You can get rid of a lot of the bacteria and germs on the board, and keep your food from tasting funky.

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