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What You Can Do With Old Jeans

Jean fashions seem to change with the wind. Whether you’ve “outgrown” a pair of jeans, worn a hole in an unfortunate place, or the fashions changed before either of those things could happen, there is still hope for that old pair of jeans. Don’t toss them out or donate them until you’ve read the rest of this post. You might find a new use for them.

Update them

Sometimes all an outdated pair of jeans needs to be fashionable again is a slight alteration. Transform them into a pair of cuff shorts or capris by cutting off the legs at just the right length. Sew a hem or add a lace trim to make those old things new again. Looking for the no-sew option? Make the cut and then fold up the ends to cover the fray and create a cuff. Fortunately the rolled look is in style right now.

jean bagMake a bag

Add a patch to the holes in the seat of the jeans, cut them off at the top of the inseam, and sew it together to make a beach bag or a purse (depending on the size of the jeans). Simply turn the cut offs inside out and sew a seam with right facing fabric facing inside. Once you’ve completed the sewing, turn the bag right side out.

Now you need a strap. You can make one by braiding a bunch of twine together, using an old belt, or making a strap out of old t-shirt fabric. Use the belt loops of the jeans to connect the strap. To hold the bag closed, use a loop that connects the back center belt loop to the button on the front of the jeans.

Baby clothes

Considering the fact that most babies only wear outfits a couple of times before they outgrow them, using old jeans as fabric for new clothes makes budgetary sense. Cut the legs of your jeans apart at the seam and use the pant legs as the fabric for a baby pattern. Make bibs, vests, baby jeans, or coveralls, depending on your level of sewing expertise. Feel free to remove the pockets from your jeans and use them creatively on another project or on the children’s clothes.

Craft belt

Why should construction workers have all the handy tool belts? You can fashion your own craft belt with an old pair of jeans without ever touching a sewing needle. Cut the top part of the jeans off just above the top of the inseam, being careful to keep all the pockets in tact. Starting at the button on the waistband, cut from the front to the side seam of the jeans just below the seam of the waistband. Do the same on the other side of the jeans. This creates a belt of sorts that you can button around your waist. The back pockets of your jeans become the pockets for your paintbrushes, scissors, measuring tape, or other craft supplies.

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