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Tips for Finding Cheap Flights

What could be better than traveling around the world and seeing all of the amazing things there are to see? Thanks to the low cost of fuel and the increased competition among airline companies, flights are cheaper and more available than ever! If you are considering traveling, here are a few tips for finding cheaper flights:

Travel whenever – Book your trip before asking your boss for the vacation days! This will allow you to be flexible with your dates, making it easier to find the cheapest days to travel. If you don’t need to travel during the holiday seasons but can get away during the off season, you’ll spend next to nothing on a ticket that would have cost a small fortune.

Fly with budget airlines – You’d be amazed by how many small budget airlines have begun to operate around the world. Europe is one of the best places to find budget flights, and Asia has a fair number of cheaper operators. There are only a few options in the U.S., Canada, and Mexico, but Australia will have enough cheap flights to give you choices. Always consider these no-frills airlines if you’re looking to cut costs. Just don’t expect the most comfortable trip!

Travel wherever – If you’re serious about finding cheap flights, be flexible with your destination. Kayak’s “Explore” tool will allow you to find the best destinations at the lowest costs, and you’ll find that Google Flights makes it easier for you to find cheap places to visit. If you don’t really care where you go but you just know you want to get away, this is the best way to plan your holiday!

Be willing to lay-over – Direct flights will save you a lot of time, but they tend to be pricier. You may find that taking a flight to a city near your destination then hopping onto a budget flight will be cheaper than a direct flight. Even if you don’t change flights, being willing to have a layover will usually drop the cost of the flight. If you’re flexible with your travel plans, it will be much cheaper to fly.

Get any discounts you can – Are you a student? Ask for a student discount using your student ID! Are you a senior? Use your AARP membership to help you find cheaper flights. Are you active military? You’ll definitely be able to get cheaper flights, plus you’ll be among the first to board the plane. Planning a trip for your honeymoon? Call into the airline and let them know that’s why you’re booking your tickets, and they may be willing to upgrade your flight for free or give you a discounted price on the ticket. There are so many ways to get discounts if you just figure out how to ask!

Use the right search engine – Expedia, Kayak, Orbitz, and Skyscanner are just a few of the search engines that will help you to find cheap flights. These sites will compare the prices on tickets on all of the airlines traveling to your destination. Use all of these search engines to help you find the best deals.

Sign up for rewards programs – If you travel often (more than 2 or 3 times per year), it’s a good idea to sign up for rewards programs with at least the airline you tend to use most often. These rewards programs will often give you miles just for shopping with their partners or taking advantage of some special deal. For those why fly often, it’s definitely worth the effort of signing up!

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