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Sneaky Money Saving Tips

Want to save a whole lot of money this year? We’ve got a few simple money saving tips that will go a long way towards cutting your expenses every day, week, and month–amounting to some pretty epic savings at the end of a year!

  • Use only your cell phone. You don’t really need your landline, so cut the phone service and stick with just internet and TV.
  • Brown bag it more. Packing lunches is much cheaper than buying food at work every day, not to mention a whole lot healthier!
  • Make gifts. If you want to save money, starting making gifts for others by hand. Take up a hobby that will help you make beautiful DIY gifts, such as woodworking, carving, etc.
  • Take the bus. It’s much cheaper than driving to work, and though it’s more time-consuming, you have more time to do whatever you want. Plus, you’ll get more exercise walking all day.
  • Cook at home more. While eating out is wonderful, it’s much more expensive than eating at home. You can also make healthier meals at home!
  • Buy generic products. You don’t really need brand name products, especially not for things like shampoo, soap, food items, or even medications. Generic products are much cheaper, and are usually the same quality.
  • Make your own cleaning products. Did you know that it’s both cheap and easy to make detergents, laundry soaps, and dish soaps at home? Plus, you avoid all those nasty chemicals!
  • Shop full. NEVER go to the grocery store or supermarket on an empty stomach, as that’s when you’ll buy more than you need. Always go shopping after lunch or dinner!
  • Shop at cheaper stores. You don’t really need to shop at Target, Whole Foods, Trader Joe’s, or any of the other “upscale” retailers. You can always do your shopping at Wal-Mart, or even look for ethnic stores that offer foodstuffs at cheaper prices.
  • Make a list. Only buy what you have on your shopping list! If it’s not on the list, get it next week (unless it’s something like toilet paper).
  • Find free activities. Your city is undoubtedly filled with awesome things to see and do that won’t cost you a cent. For an entire year, try to go WITHOUT spending any money on activities.
  • Follow the 30 day rule. For impulse purchases and “extras”, follow the 30-day rule: Wait 30 days, and only buy it if you still want it. You’ll spend far less that way!
  • Use Wi-Fi when traveling. Don’t pay extra roaming charges when traveling around the country or the world, but rely only on your phone’s WiFi.
  • Use Skype. Long-distance calls via your home phone or cell phone can rack up quite a hefty bill! Use Skype to make free computer-to-computer calls, or VERY cheap computer-to-phone calls.
  • Buy in bulk, but only certain items. Not everything is cheaper in bulk. Do the math and figure out which items are the best to buy in bulk!
  • Google coupons. You can find coupons for just about everything these days, so it’s worth taking a few minutes to Google “coupons for X” or “Coupon codes for X”.
  • Switch cable TV for online. There are dozens of services that allow you to watch TV online, such as Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, etc. These services are MUCH cheaper than paying for a cable TV package.
  • Read at the library or on Kindle. Books are pretty pricey, but you can often find them for free at your local library. They’re much cheaper on Kindle, and you can even camp out at local bookstores on the weekend and enjoy some reading!

Follow these tips, and you’ll save A LOT of money every year!

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