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Smart Saving Tips for the Frugal

Wouldn’t it be awesome to save on literally everything?! You can get everything you want or need, but spending a fraction of the money. Imagine how much more you’d have to enjoy your life if you could find ways to save no matter what you’re buying.

If you’re interested, here are some smart tips to help you be more frugal in literally every area of your life:

Buy Used When Possible – How many things do you need to buy brand new? Shoes, clothes, electronics, and a few other things – for sure. However, do you need a new car, a new washing machine, or a new TV when a used one will do? Many of the things you buy can easily be bought used at a much lower cost, and will still work beautifully.

Don’t be Afraid to Ask – You’ll find that many places are willing to offer you a discount or lower rate for their product or service, but you have to take the plunge to ask first. Hotels, motels, houses, cars, doctor visits, cable bills, car repairs, and dozens of other things can cost you far less if you’re not too proud to ask “Is there any way you can lower the price?”

Stick with Last-Gen – It’s amazing how many people stand in line in front of the Apple store every year to buy the latest and greatest device. Don’t let that be you! If there’s a brand new TV, it means that the one released before it is going to be much cheaper. Buy last generation products, and you’ll spend far less than you would on this-gen products. There may be a few improvements, but it’s not worth the cost.

Go Generic – Do you really need ‘Colgate’ brand toothpaste, when Wal-Mart’s Great Value brand will do? Do you really need top of the line Nike’s when a pair of shoes from Payless will serve just as well? Don’t always buy the brands that you think you want, but try to find cheaper brands that may not have the same prestige, but still get the job done.

Be Ready to Invest – Buying a top-notch pair of pants, shoes, or electronics could mean that you’ll spend less in the long run. For example, a bespoke suit will last you easily for a few years, while a store-bought one purchased at Wal-mart may not. There may come a time when paying a bit more for quality will be the smart way to save money in the long run.

Go Co-Op — No, that doesn’t mean you need to move into your local co-op, but it means start a sharing program with your neighbors. Instead of owning all of the tools, equipment, and items you’ll need for your home, borrow them from your neighbors – and let them use what you have when they need it. You’ll save a lot of money on tools that you only use once or twice a year.

DIY When Possible – How hard is it to fix that toilet or sink? Do you really need to call in an electrician to help you change a light socket? The truth is that many people are just too lazy to DIY home improvements and repairs, when they could actually save a fortune just by doing it themselves.

Get Creative — Those “distressed” jeans can easily be made at home – all you have to do is go on YouTube and find out how. You can easily prepare a fancy meal for your anniversary instead of going out to dinner. Get creative, and find ways that you can do things without spending money. It will help you save a lot in the long run, and you’ll appreciate the times when you spend money much more!

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