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Save Money With Online Invitations

Creating paper invitations can turn out to be a huge expense when you’re planning a big event. Whether it’s a wedding, a graduation party, an anniversary party or another important event, you can shrink your budget significantly just by using online invitations instead of paper. Take advantage of the connectedness of this Internet age by sending online invites for your next event. Here’s a guide to using online invitations successfully.

Why Use Online Invitations?

Here are just a few of the reasons that online invites are better than paper invites:

  • Frugal: There are plenty of free online invitation providers available. Even those that charge a small fee still save you money compared to paper invitations. Most online invitations cost less than the cost of a stamp alone!
  • Simple: You won’t need to visit a specialty shop or spend hours packing individual envelopes when you use online invitations. There are no special design skills required since most online invitation websites offer free templates. Plus, you don’t have to keep track of dozens or hundreds of slips of paper when you get RSVPs.
  • Speedy: With everyone so connected on the Internet these days, your guests will be able to receive and respond to your invites in a much shorter period of time than if everything had to travel by mail. This can help with planning since you won’t be waiting around for RSVPs to show up in the mail. In addition, it can be extremely useful for last-minute planning.
  • Eco-Friendly: Paper invites might get put on the fridge or in a drawer for a few months, but eventually it all gets tossed in the trash. And when you add in envelopes, return address labels, stamps and RSVP cards, you’re creating quite a bit of waste with every invitation you send out. Online invitations create no physical waste and are easier on the environment.

Tips for Using Online Invitations

Use this advice for success when sending out online invitations:

  • Double-check email addresses before you send out your invitations. If you know anyone who doesn’t check their email regularly or who isn’t very web-savvy, give them a call to let them know to expect your email invitation.
  • Think about whether you want guests to be able to see who else has been invited or RSVPed to the event. If guests don’t know each other well, they will likely want their email addresses hidden.
  • Proofread your message to check for errors. Double-check that you have all the pertinent information included that your guests will need to know. At the same time, don’t make your invitation too wordy just because you aren’t limited by the space on a paper card. Be as concise as possible while still conveying what the event is about.
  • Give your guests a way to get in touch with your directly, whether it’s by email or phone.
  • Check back later to see who has viewed your invitation. You should follow up any unanswered RSVP requests if you need a specific headcount for your event.
  • Don’t type in all caps or use excessive exclamation points. These are sometimes detected as spam by certain email providers. This is especially important when creating the email subject line.

Online Invitation Providers

There are numerous online invitation providers available, but not all offer the same level of quality and customization. Here are two of the top affordable online invitation options for your event:

  • Evite: Evite seems to have an invitation for just about every event type, from birthdays and weddings to barbecues and happy hours. Most designs are free, though there are some premium designs you can pay to use, including animated invitations. The notifications feature alerts you when guests RSVP or comment if you prefer. You can also customize the RSVP wording and decide whether guests are allowed to bring others to the event. Evite has a community feel, with guests able to post comments on the event page for others to see.
  • Paperless Post: Paperless Post has both free and paid online invitation designs from which to choose. This website makes it easy to add privacy protection to your events so that guest lists and event details are kept hidden. In addition, it includes a very tasteful RSVP card that guests will fill out online to respond. Private messaging is integrated so that guests can easily get in touch with you. If you want to go all out, you can enlist the services of one of Paperless Posts’ design specialists to create custom motifs and retouch your photos.

If you plan on using online invitations for your next event, make sure you choose a website that offers all the options you need. These simple, affordable invites are a great way to save money when you’re planning a big party or celebration.

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