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Save Money By Extending The Life Of Your Clothes

Extending the life of your clothes means less expense and less waste.

Ideally you’re not outgrowing clothing any longer. It’s simply a matter of style. For timeless garments like jeans and t-shirts, you can do some simple things to extend their usefulness, and in so doing, extend your dollars.

Wash Your Clothes Inside Out
By washing jeans and other dyed garments inside out, the rubbing together associated with machine washing dulls the inside of the garment rather than the outside.

Line Dry Bulky Items
Placing your clothes in a dryer is a just another opportunity for them to shrink or fade. Hanging items on hangers or a clothesline to dry saves energy costs and extends the life of your garments by eliminating the wear and tear of tumble-drying.

Wash Dark Colors In Cold Water
Cold water is less likely to cause fabric dye to bleed out and cause your clothes to fade.

Shave The Pills Off Your Sweaters
Those little balled up pieces of yarn on your sweater age it faster than wearing it does. Use packing tape or a razor to shave the pills off of sweaters. You can also find gadgets that serve the same purpose if you’re willing to invest a few dollars to save in the long run.

Zip It Up
Extend the life of your zippers by zipping them up before you put your clothes in the washing machine or dryer. They are less likely to get damaged or out of alignment that way, and it keeps the teeth from catching on other items, too.

clothes1Replace The Drawstring
If the only reason you don’t wear those gym pants is because you need a drawstring to keep them at your waist, then just replace that drawstring. Use the string that came out in the wash or a shoelace that’s the proper length. Pin a large safety pin to one end of the drawstring and feed it back into the hole. The pin is easier to feel and maneuver through the waistband than the string alone. Pro tip: To keep those drawstrings from coming out, tie them before you wash them.

Repair Holes
You don’t have to wear a shirt with holes to save money. Learn the art of darning or repairing a ripped seam to keep clothes in circulation. Patch the holes in your jeans that aren’t fashionable and wear those that emerged in just the right place as badges of honor you earned over time.

Revisit The Art of Sewing
Whether it’s raising a hemline or lowering it, taking a dress in or letting it out, or making resale clothes look like new, sewing is the way to go. You don’t have to buy patterns and create articles of clothing from scratch. Just some basic skills will go a long way. You can even turn your old clothes into cute children’s clothing with a little practice. Oh, and a little needle and thread will give you all you need to sew that button on your shirt again.


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