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Save Big on Meat Shopping

Of all the things you buy at the grocery store each week, meat is probably the most expensive. Whether it’s chicken, beef, pork, turkey, or other cuts of meat, a large percentage of your shopping budget is spent on your weekly proteins.

But what if there were ways to cut back on the money you spend each week on meat? Here are a few ways for you to save big on meat shopping:

  1. Buy Less Meat – Who says you need to eat meat three meals a day? Meat is actually very high in fat, so it’s not the best protein to eat in order to be healthy. You can spend more money on plant-based proteins like beans, lentils, and chickpeas, or even buy more cheese and yoghurt. Eat meat once a day, and you’ll spend far less on your shopping!
  2. Buy More, Freeze More –Want to save big on meat shopping? Buying in bulk is one of the best ways to go! You can usually save about 10% at least, but the problem is knowing what to do with all the meat you’ve bought. Two words: Freeze It. Get a larger freezer, divide all the meat into meals, and let it sit in the freezer until you need it. If you buy meat once a month for the entire month, you’ll spend far less!
  3. Track Prices — It may seem silly to carry a notebook around with you to write down the price of meat, but it can help you to discover the best time of the week and month to buy meat. If you know how much you will pay per pound of meat at your local supermarket, you can compare prices with other supermarkets, meat shops, and even bulk stores. You have to know how much you spend on average in order to figure out how much you can save buying somewhere else.
  4. Buy the Cheaper Cuts — Do you really need top sirloin steak, or can you buy a cheaper cut of meat that may not be as tasty, but which provides you with a cheaper source of protein? There will always be cuts of meat which are cheaper, though they’re not the BEST in the supermarket. It’s worth looking into those, as they can still be made very delicious at a far lower price.
  5. Do the Work Yourself – Let’s say you want to buy chicken breast. It costs $2 per pound for thin-sliced breast, but only $1.50 for whole breasts and $1.25 for breast still on the bone. Sometimes it’s better to do the butchering yourself, as buying meat that is already butchered usually costs more.
  6. Stretch It – How much meat do you really need in your meals? Do you need a full 8 ounces in every meal, or can you be content with a solid 4 ounces of meat mixed with vegetables and other ingredients? Making meals of stir fry, soup, stew, and other “stretchables” is the key to cutting costs on meat shopping.
  7. Shop Elsewhere – Don’t get stuck shopping at your supermarket just because it’s convenient. International food markets often offer great prices on meat, and you may even find different cuts at a much better price if you shop at supermarkets and grocery stores you would never have considered before.
  8. Buy a Chunk -- Want a lot of meat at a pretty great price? Instead of shopping at the supermarket, go straight to the farm and buy yourself a chunk of freshly butchered meat. You can buy anywhere from a quarter to a whole animal at a pretty decent price if you buy it fresh, and all you’ll need is a freezer large enough to store it. Do the butchering yourself, and you’ve got meat for a long, long time!

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