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Running Gear for Less

If you’re going to buy running gear, it’s important that you get the right things. You will definitely need certain items in order to run properly, and you don’t want to skimp on everything you buy. However, if you can spend less than $100 on all of your running gear, you’ll be doing good.

What You Absolutely Need

  • Shoes — You always want to buy the right running shoes, and it’s good to spend between $30 and $50 of your running gear budget on the right shoes. Make sure they have plenty of cushioning ,and that they feel comfortable as you run. You don’t need a fancy pair of Nike+ or Reebok Air shoes, but you should look for a good pair that will last at least 6 to 12 months of regular use.
  • Entertainment — You need something to keep your mind off your running and on something that you enjoy. Whether it’s audiobooks, music, TV shows, or anything else, you need entertainment. If you have a gym at home, simply grab that extra TV from your bedroom and put it in the gym room. If you run at the gym or on the road, get yourself a $20 MP3 player. It will be more than good enough for your runs, and you’ll be able to entertain yourself cheaply.
  • Clothes — You don’t need all the fancy running clothes if you’re going to run for exercise, but you’ll only really need them if you’re going to run professionally or as part of a running team. Instead of spending a bunch of money on running clothes, just buy a few pairs of cheap athletic shorts or pants – even basketball shorts will do. You can get a few synthetic fiber T-shirts, and you shouldn’t spend more than $30 on your running clothes.
  • Supports — You may need ankle, wrist, back, and knee supports if you run for hours on end, but that won’t really be necessary if you are just running for 30 to 60 minutes. You’ll find that an ankle brace will come in handy if you injure yourself while running, and a knee brace or two may be necessary for those with knee problems. However, at just $5 to $10 per set, they’re not too costly.

So, with just $100, you’ve got everything you need to run – on the road, in the gym, or at home.

Are These Things Really Necessary?

  • Illuminated Clothing — Unless you run late at night in an area where there are no street lamps, you don’t really need to buy clothes that shine in the dark, that have LED lights, or that reflect light. Sure, it will be good if you’re doing a lot of trail running, but why not just run in the park or on the streets of the city? You’ll have plenty of light thanks to the street lamps, and you will be highly visible in the busy city.
  • Fancy Tech — Do you really need a pedometer, a GPS tracking device, a heart rate monitor, or the Nike+ technology that tracks your progress as you run? The honest-to-goodness truth is that you don’t really need this stuff unless you’re training for a marathon, and you’ll just end up spending more on your running than you need to. Even if you’re going to train for a marathon, you’ll really just need a sports watch to keep track of how long you are running. With Google Maps to help you map a route to run, you’ll be ready to go.

The truth is that you don’t have to spend a fortune in order to be able to run, despite what other runners may tell you. Perhaps once you’ve been running for a year or so, you might want to upgrade your gear. However, if you’re just starting out running, you’ll find that simple running gear will be the best way to go. You can buy cheap shoes, clothes, MP3 players, and braces on Amazon, eBay, or at stores like Wal-Mart. It’s time to hit the road and get running, all at a very reasonable price!

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