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Luxury Resorts at a Lower Cost

Staying at a luxury resort certainly does seem like a dream come true, especially if you get an all-inclusive package that comes with everything your heart could desire. However, if you’re thinking about saving money, the last thing you’d consider is hitting up a fancy resort.

Or could you afford the stay? You’ll find that it’s fairly easy to save while at a resort, especially if you’re not too set on which resort you stay at! Here are some tips to help you:

Find Less Popular Destinations

Let’s say you’re planning to visit Mexico to enjoy a summer holiday. Cancun, Acapulco, and Ixtapa are three of the most popular destinations, but they’re not the only ones! You can hit up smaller resorts NEAR these cities, where you’ll still get quality service and a beautiful location, but without being near the center of the tourist action. If all you want is to kick back and chill, this is a great option. Or, find resorts in cities that less popular destinations.

Ask About Resort Options

All upscale resorts have an economy-class resort, which can be cheaper for you to stay at. Perhaps the all-inclusive won’t have as many perks as the luxury resort, but you’ll save a small fortune on the resort costs.

Book Last Minute

That doesn’t mean you should just stroll into the airport and pick out a flight on the day you want to travel, but it does mean booking in the last week before your departure. In this final week, most airlines are trying to fill their planes, so they’ll offer lower prices–particularly if the destination isn’t as popular.

Find “Kids are Free” Deals

Want to take your kids on a family vacation but can’t afford it? There are a lot of resorts that offer special deals for families with children, offering the kids a free stay when the parents pay for a nicer room. You’ll spend less paying for the fancier room than you would paying for the kids at another hotel. Sites like VacationKids will help you find resorts where your kids can stay for free.

Travel Off-Season

The worst time to hit up destinations like Mexico or the Caribbean is during the spring months when everyone else is going. You’ll find that May is a great month to travel, and August through October are also excellent months. June and July tend to be VERY hot in these tropical paradises, but the cost is usually lower than it would be over the winter holidays. Basically any time between late spring and autumn is the time to travel to these tropical locations.

Go All-Inclusive

Oddly enough, you can usually pay more for meals and drinks even when you are trying to be sparing and skip out on the all-in-one package. You’ll find that paying for at least the breakfast buffet is probably the best way to save on your vacation, as you’ll be nice and full until dinner time rolls around. You can even consider purchasing the dinner and drinks package, as you’ll never need to eat out on the town again! Plus, you don’t have to worry about tipping everyone at every place you go to eat and drink.

Shop Around

Just because you want to visit a particular city for your holidays, that may not be the cheapest option. You should look for holiday packages all around the country where you want to visit, and compare the prices and features of each package until you find the one that fits your budget and your needs best. Perhaps your Acapulco vacation will cost half as much as the vacation to the D.R., and you’ll enjoy it just as much!

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