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How to Save on Your Next Android Smartphone

Most people treat the iPhone like it’s the greatest thing since sliced bread, but you’d be amazed by the wide variety of Android smartphones floating around the market today. If you are willing to consider Android, you can often get products of equal quality to the iPhone but at a much lower price!

Want to save big on your next Android smartphone? Here are a few ways you can cut costs:

  • Buy Discontinued — If an Android smartphone maker has stopped making a certain model of phones, those models will usually be sold at a much lower price. You may not be able to find these models directly from the manufacturer, but they can often be found at smaller retailers that have not yet managed to clear their shelves of the discontinued products. You can usually get a pretty good deal on any discontinued phone.
  • Look for Used -- Used Android phones can be just as good as brand new, though they may have a few more months of wear. Many people buy Android phones then win or are gifted a newer phone (either Android or Apple). They will try to sell off their old Android phone in order to recoup their initial investment, and they’ll offer it at a lower price point. These are the used phones to look for. Just make sure they are in good condition before you buy!
  • Go Refurbished -- Refurbished items are products that were manufactured, found to be faulty, sent back to the factory, and fixed to be as good as brand new. They have never before been used, but the fact that they once had a fault forces the manufacturer to label them as refurbished and knock the price down. You should always look into these phones before buying brand new, as that’s the best way to save big on a top quality phone.
  • Shop on eBay -- One of the best places to find Android smartphones is on eBay. Many people actually make a living buying and selling Android and iPhones via eBay, and you’ll usually be able to find pretty decent prices on the phones. Take your time to scroll through the many options, and try to find a dealer that you can trust. Read reviews on the products and the people selling them before making the final decision!
  • Buy on Contract — If you are already paying for phone service with a company like AT&T or Verizon, see how much you can save by buying a smartphone on a contract basis. You will need to pay some cash out of pocket, but in the long run you can save a lot of money buying your phone this way.  Just make sure you’re not locked into a contract that forces you to pay more than you’d like for more than you need!
  • Roam Craigslist -- Craigslist is another great place to look for new and used smartphones. Many people will actually buy new smartphones to sell them via Craigslist, and you’ll be able to find good deals on your Android phone there. As long as you’re not too set on a certain model of phone, you should be able to find a good deal on the item.

Before you buy anything, make sure to do plenty of research. Look into how much the phone would cost brand new, and compare that to the asking price you find on eBay or Craigslist. Compare prices and go through all of your options before making the final decision to buy. If you are smart, you can find a lot of ways to save big on your Android smartphone.

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