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How to Save Money THIS WEEK

Saving money isn’t some abstract concept that begins when you finally earn more than you spend. It’s something that you need to start TODAY, RIGHT NOW! For many, this is easier said than done. After all, with mortgages, car payments, and bills to pay, it’s hard to imagine having enough money to put into a savings account.

But it’s not as hard as you might think. With a few simple changes to your lifestyle and habits, you can start saving money this week. Here are a few things you can do:

  • Create a shopping list — This is the best way to ensure you ONLY buy what you need. Make a list of everything you’ll need for a week of cooking, and limit yourself to only buying what’s on the list. If you don’t have it, find a way to live without it. Leave a little room for an extra item or two, but stick with only what’s really important. Once you learn how to shop smart, you’ll realize that it’s far less expensive than you’d thought.
  • Eat before shopping – This simple trick is enough to help you shave an easy 10% off your weekly shopping bill. If you are hungry when you shop, you tend to think about the things you want to eat. If you shop on a full stomach, you think about things you need for the week. Trust us, this simple trick totally works!
  • Stay in – Dinners out are pricey, and ordering take-out can often be even more expensive! For just one week, stay in and eat only at home. See how much money you’ve saved? Now, evaluate your “going out” budget for the month. Consider one or two fancier outings per month, or a few inexpensive meals out. The less you spend on meals out, the more you’ll save each month.
  • Price shop – Invest a few days into scouring all the local supermarkets and grocery stores to find the best prices on the items you regularly buy. We’re not just talking foodstuffs, but also clothing, home cleaning supplies, and dried goods. Once you find the store with the best prices overall, do most of your shopping there. Compare prices on a bi-monthly basis to make sure you’re still shopping at the store with the best prices.
  • Clip coupons -- Open your newspaper, store circulars, and magazines to see what coupons you can find. Even the very rich clip coupons, as it allows them to save money on their everyday necessities. No one will look twice at you if you bring coupons to the supermarket or grocery store. It’s just a smart way to save money!
  • Brown-bag it – Do you really need to bring money to work to have lunch out with co-workers? It’s a nice extra, but it’s going to raise your weekly expenses. A great way to cut costs this week is to pack yourself a lunch. You don’t have to pack a boring sandwich, but bring Tupperware containers with complete meals that you can reheat in the microwave. Once again, no one will think less of you if you bring your own lunch to work.
  • Stop shopping online – The temptation of online shopping is ever-present and overwhelming. You may feel the urge to buy things, most of which you don’t need. Unsubscribe from deal emails and promotion alerts. Stop shopping on Amazon, and stay away from all of your favorite online boutiques and gadget stores.
  • Walk/cycle more – What a great way to not only get exercise, but to cut back on gasoline and car expenses! It may take you longer to get to and from work, yet you’ll be much healthier as a result.


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