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How to Save Big on Your Next Apple Product

Everyone wants the latest Apple smartphone, tablet, or laptop. You’ll find that most people go crazy for all of the new products Apple releases on a yearly basis, and they spend thousands of dollars on stuff that they really don’t need.

Don’t make that mistake! You can find great Apple products for a much lower price if you know how to look. Below you’ll find a few tips to help you save big on your next purchase of an Apple item:

Buy Older Models

Apple just launched the iPhone 6, which means the iPhone 4S (the first model with Siri) and the iPhone 5 are both “outdated”. If you go to any Apple store, you’ll find that the prices on the older models will be MUCH lower than they were when they were first released. While the iPhone 6 is priced around $700 or $800, you can get the older models much cheaper. It’s worth considering purchasing an older model if you don’t absolutely NEED the latest Apple product. You’ll still get quality electronics, just a year or so out of date. Keep in mind that what’s brand new today is going to be out of style in less than a year!

Look for Refurbished

If you want to buy reliable Apple products without paying full price, visit Apple’s clearance and refurbished store on the website. You’ll find that there is a long list of products that are refurbished (meaning that they were faulty or broken, sent back to the factory, and fixed to be good as new) or on clearance sale (often because they were show models or open-box models). These items will be just as good as the “brand new” items, but they will be much cheaper. Just make sure to read the details before you buy.

Upgrade Yourself

Let’s say you want to buy a 64 GB iPhone, but the price is way too high. Instead, why not buy a 16 GB iPhone and buy your own iPhone RAM from sites like Tiger Direct or NewEgg. Take your RAM with your phone to a local retailer that offers Apple-compatible upgrades, and have them install the RAM for you. You’ll save a small fortune on the upgrade, and you’ll find it will be much cheaper to have it done this way.

Hit Up Craigslist

There are many people who make a living buying, selling, and trading iPhones and iPads via Craigslist, so it should be fairly easy to find quality products at great prices if you search Craigslist. There are also people who want to sell their old phones in order to recoup some of their initial investment, as they have purchased or been given the latest model. You’ll find that the phones may be used, but they’ll still be in pretty great shape. Just don’t buy anything sight unseen!

Trick Apple With the Right Email Address

Did you know that Apple offers discounts to any students who purchase their products? All you have to do is open an email account with a “.edu” suffix instead of “.com”, and apply to buy the product with that email address. Try to sign into your old college email account, or look into opening a new .edu account. Apple’s Education Store is the place to shop if you can get your hands on an account with this suffix.

Find Non-Apple Retailers

Instead of buying straight from Apple,  shop at an authorized retailer instead. MacMall is just one of the many retailers authorized to sell Apple products, and you’ll find that they often offer great discounts on the Apple items they sell.

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