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How to Save Big on Appliances

Buying brand new appliances may seem like a big expense, but you need to remember that they will save you money in the long run. Old appliances use more water, electricity, and gas, so upgrading your appliances will help you to cut back on energy use. You’ll find that your monthly utility bills are much lower thanks to the fact that you bought new appliances.

That being said, buying brand new appliances IS a pretty large expense. If you have to buy new appliances for your home, here are some ways you can save big:

  • Look for the showcase models — When supermarkets and appliance stores set out models on display, it is highly likely that they will become damaged in some small way–the occasional ding, scratch, or dent. On your appliance shopping trip, ask for the models that have been put out on display, and you’ll often be able to get a great price on a new appliance with only a bit of surface damage to it. Call ahead to find out when the showcase models are going on sale, and you can save up to 60% on appliances.
  • Get cash back by trading in -- Just like you can trade in an old car and get cash back for your purchases, you should trade in old appliances. Not all retailers have this option, but you’ll often find that it is a possibility if you shop at the manufacturer’s outlet.
  • Save up for the holidays – If you want to save big on appliances, it’s often a good idea to shop around the holidays. Most retailers will offer big discounts on holidays–particularly Black Friday, Labor Day Weekend, and around Christmas–in order to entice people to buy. Waiting until the holidays to buy a new appliance can help you save a fortune!
  • Compare prices first – Before you leave your home to go shopping, spend some time rooting around the internet. Sites like PriceGrabber will help you to find the best prices around the web, and you can dig a bit deeper on Google Products or Amazon. There are smartphone apps like Amazon and ShopSavvy that will help you to find the best deals on appliances, and you may never need to walk out your front door to buy that new appliance.
  • Check for model upgrades -- When a new, upgraded appliance comes out, the previous model is sold at a discounted price in order to make room for the brand new model. However, that “old” model may be less than a year old, and still in brilliant working order. You should rarely by the latest model, but go for a slightly older model that costs way less but works just as well.
  • Don’t be afraid to ask -- You may think that the sticker price on those appliances are final, but you’d be amazing to find that many retailers are willing to lower the price a bit. Of course, if you’re shopping at Wal-mart or Target, you may not be able to haggle much. However, at smaller retailers or appliance stores, you can often get the price down a bit more. The worst that can happen is that they’ll say no, but at best they may give you the appliance for a great price.
  • Don’t buy the warranty -- While many appliances come with an extended warranty, you should always avoid buying any warranties. There are some situations when it’s good to have a warranty, but for the most part the cost of repairing the appliance is easier to handle than the price of the warranty. You don’t need it, truth be told.

Save big with these smart appliance tips!

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