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How To Host a Budget Friendly Bridal Shower

Bridal showers are a thoughtful way to celebrate the bride-to-be before her wedding day. While the premise of opening your home to a select number of guests who will bring their own gifts seems simple enough, it can be a costly endeavor. If your social clique places you in a position to host such a party, use the following tips to keep the costs down as much as possible.


You could spend money to buy and mail invitations, or you could simply send online invitations using a service like If you anticipate a guest list of 20 people, you save almost $10 on postage alone by using e-vites. You’re also more likely to have people RSVP online.

Note the flowers on the table in the foreground

Note the flowers on the table in the foreground

Flowers and corsages

In many parts of the south, it is customary to provide a corsage for the bride and any female relatives in attendance. When I hosted a shower recently, I asked a florist friend of mine how much the labor was to create a corsage. She quoted me $8 per corsage just for labor. That didn’t include the cost of the flowers. I needed five corsages and had a budget of $25.

Instead, for just over $20, I bought four bunches of fresh flowers from a local grocery store. Using stems and buds from two of the bunches, a 97 cent roll of floral tape and some safety pins I had on hand, I made all five corsages and three good-sized flower arrangements for less than $25. We placed the flowers at various spots in the room as part of the decorations. Because the buds on the corsages came from the same supply, it all tied together nicely.


The food table and the mantle of the home where we held the shower were decorated with one roll of patterned wrapping paper and one spool of ribbon. The wrapping paper served as a table cloth of sorts beneath the food, accented by one long piece of the ribbon placed down the center. The ribbon could also be tied around the vases with the flowers, on any serving utensils, or incorporated into the corsages.

On the mantle, my friend wrapped two framed pictures she already displayed there with the wrapping paper and ribbon and set them back on the mantle on a bit of colored tool. Put a vase of flowers up there, too, and you’ve got simplicity at its finest!Bridal Shower 1


By scheduling the shower to begin at 2 o’clock in the afternoon, we felt it safe to assume most people would have already eaten lunch, so we only provided light snacks in the form of finger foods. The colors of the shower were black, white and pink so we offered pink cupcakes and pink lemonade to tie the food to the theme of the party.

My friend bought the cupcakes for $10 per dozen, but you could make them from a box mix and frost them yourself for a fraction of the cost. She also bought a vegetable tray at the last minute. Preparing that at home would also save some money.

By using simple finger foods, we didn’t have to provide flatware of any kind. We used plates and napkins that matched the wrapping paper, but you could just as easily use the dishes you have on hand and wash them afterward.

The focus of the shower should be on the bride, not how much you spent to throw the party. Save money on the shower and use it toward the gift instead. The gift will last longer anyway!

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