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How to Have a Rockin’ Vacation on the Cheap

Who says you have to spend a fortune on your next vacation? Sure, vacations tend to be pricey, but there are always ways to cut costs and limit your expenses! Here are a few tips to help you enjoy your next vacation on the cheap:

  1. Fly in to or out of a smaller airport – When flying to New York City, did you know that it’s often cheaper to land in Newark than in either JFK or LaGuardia? Smaller airports will usually be less crowded, and there will be fewer people traveling–meaning the airlines will try their best to entice people onto their flights from those smaller airports. You can easily save up to $50 a person by flying out of or into a smaller airport.
  2. Search for hotel freebies -- EVERY city has hotels that is willing to provide their guests with complimentary internet access, parking, breakfasts, and even discounts on activities and facilities. If you want to cut the costs of your vacation, do a search (via Priceline) for hotels in your destination city that offer freebies.
  3. Visit Bing -- Bing (Microsoft’s answer to Google’s search engine) has a feature that allows you to predict the best times to travel. Simply visit, input your flight itinerary, and see when is the best time to book your ticket. You can save big if you shop smart!
  4. Consider your baggage – There are only two airlines that allow you to check your bag/s for free: Southwest Airlines gives you two bags per passenger, and JetBlue allows for one. If you can’t pare down your luggage to a single carry on (plus your computer bag/purse), try to fly on an airline that won’t charge you for checked luggage.
  5. Find hotel “sales” -- Sites like TripAlertz and Jetsetter will send you a notice when a hotel is having a “sale”, meaning they are offering rooms at a reduced rate. Signing up for these sites will give you access to exclusive bargains that you won’t find on hotel websites, helping you to find the best deals on rooms wherever you travel!
  6. Find a cruise line near you — Is it really smart to fly half-way across the country to take a tour when there are tour stops in your own backyard? You can sail out of big cities like San Diego, Miami, Seattle, and New York City, but also smaller cities like Charleston, Galveston, and Baltimore. You’ll find that taking a cruise is often cheaper than flying to your destination and renting a room, and it makes for a much longer, more relaxed vacation.
  7.  Find discount carriers – If you’re traveling within the United States, be willing to consider smaller discount airlines, such as Frontier, Spirit, or JetBlue Airlines. If you’re traveling within Europe, look into discount carriers like RyanAir or EasyJet. They offer amazingly low prices, and while they’re not the most comfortable option, who cares about comfort when you’re saving so much on your travel?
  8. Hit up Twitter — Twitter is one of the best social media sites to use to find out the latest on sales and offers from the various airlines. When an airline wants to offer a special deal, they will usually blast it on Twitter. You can find all sorts of amazing deals just by following the various airlines in your city, and there are Twitter feeds belonging to people like Quikbook that will give you the scoop on the latest discounts and deals.

If you want to save big on your vacation, try these tips to travel smart!

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