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How to Have a Beautiful Low Budget Wedding

Few people believe that you can combine the words “beautiful” and “low budget” when planning a wedding, but they’d be wrong! You can have a beautiful wedding with all the gorgeous decorations and additions you want, all without breaking the bank. It’s all about being smart with your money, knowing how to shop, and looking for amazing deals.

Here is how you can do it:

Plan for the off-season. “High season” will vary depending on where you live, but for the most part, the busiest time of year will be between spring and early autumn. This is when the weather and climate is conducive to beautiful weddings (both indoor and outdoor). There are far fewer weddings in the late autumn and winter, so that would be the best time to plan your wedding.

Do it all in one location. If you combine the ceremony and reception venue, you’ll save a pretty tidy sum. Not only will you have more bargaining power over the venue itself, but you’ll spend less on the florist, décor, transportation, catering, etc. It’s much easier to hold things all at one venue!

Don’t get married on a Saturday. If you switch your wedding day to a Friday or a Sunday, the cost of the wedding will drop by as much as 25% overall. If you get married on a week day, the cost could go down even more. The majority of weddings take place on Saturdays, so venues will want to keep their prices stable for that day. After all, if you don’t get married, chances are someone else will. But if they can book an EXTRA wedding that week, they’ll usually be more than happy to lower the price.

Look outside the chapel/church. Most people think that they have to get married in a church or chapel for the wedding to count, but that’s wrong! You can get married anywhere–all you need to make it valid in the eyes of the law is a justice of the peace, and it will be valid in the eyes of God if you have a reverend, pastor, or priest to officiate. You can get married in your favorite restaurant, a resort, a spa, an event venue, or anywhere else! Getting married in these locations may end up being cheaper than you’d think.

Get married alone, celebrate together.  Want to keep the costs of your wedding low? Don’t have a huge wedding! Get married with just a few of your closest friends and family there. You don’t have to say your vows in front of hundreds of total strangers, but just the ones that matter. AFTER the wedding is over, plan a big party for your wedding reception. You can invite all of your friends and other guests to the reception, and it will help you to cut costs drastically! After all, a smaller, more intimate wedding ceremony venue will be much cheaper than one that’s built to seat hundreds.

Evaluate everything. How important is it for you to have a fancy, multi-tiered wedding cake? Do you really need a massive bridal gown when a simpler one will do? How many floral arrangements does your wedding really need? Do you want to serve a big meal, or just keep it to a cocktail and appetizer-style event? Don’t automatically assume that you’re going to have a traditional wedding, but evaluate every part of the “normal” wedding. If you don’t want some element of the wedding, don’t include it. You’ll save a lot of money by taking a cold hard look at everything!


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