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How to Find Cheap Textbooks

You’d be amazed by how expensive college textbooks can be! Most students will spend well over $1,000 on textbooks every year. That’s a lot of money they could be using on room and board, but which are instead going toward buying textbooks. The price of those textbooks have risen by more than 80% in the last 10 years, and those prices keep going up every year.

If you’re a college student and on a tight budget, we’ve got a few places where you can find textbooks at a lower price:

Google Books – You’ll find A LOT of books available on Google books, many of them textbooks and academic books. You may have to pay a small fee to access the books, or you may be able to read passages for free. If you know you need a textbook, hit up Google Books to see if they have it available.

Project Gutenberg – This is one of the best websites to read books that are no longer in copyright. There are nearly 50,000 ebooks free to download via the site, and many of them are academic works. You may find what you’re looking for there.

Book Boon – This website is a place to find over 1,000 different books in digital (ebook) format, many of them business and textbooks. If you’re studying engineering, business, accounting, or technology, there’s a good chance the website has the book you’re looking for.

Textbooks – This website has a large selection of textbooks in digital format, which you can purchase at a fairly low price–as much as 60% cheaper than the print version of your textbooks. You’ll only be able to read them on your electronic devices (tablet, computer, smartphone, etc.), but it’s a great way to save big on those important books.

VitalSource CourseSmart – Yet another great service offering discounted digital textbooks! This is one of the best places to find any and all college-level textbooks, and you’ll find the price is up to 50% less than you’d pay for a print textbook. For those who enjoy/prefer reading on electronic devices, it’s a great option.

Rent-A-Text – This is an on-campus service that will allow you to rent a textbook for a monthly fee. You’ll find the service available at more than 800 American university campuses, and it will have just about every textbook you need. You spend roughly half as much renting as you would buying.

Chegg – Chegg is a service similar to Netflix, but for textbooks. You rent the textbooks online, and you end up paying a small shipping fee to have the textbooks delivered to you. It’s a much cheaper option than buying, and will save you a small fortune over the course of your education.

Campus Books – This website doesn’t rent the books, but it will do a search of all online textbook retailers to find the best price. It’s like a search engine for textbooks, and it will compare all of the available deals to help you get the best one. It will search for both new and used books, but buyer beware: used textbooks aren’t always in good condition.

Student 2 Student – This is a website that allows you to get in touch with other students for the purpose of buying their used textbooks. It’s like a Craigslist for textbooks, so treat the products you’re buying with the same degree of hesitation as you would products bought on Craigslist.

Use these resources about to help you find cheap textbooks, and you could end up saving a good deal of money every year!

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