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How to Exercise Without Spending a Fortune

It’s tough to get in shape on your own, especially if you don’t have your own gym setup at home. You want to avoid spending a small fortune on gym gear, but it’s still important that you get your exercise every day. The good news is that you can easily workout without spending a fortune, and you’d be amazed at all that you can do to get in shape on the cheap:

DIY Gym – You can put together your own gym fairly cheaply, using simple items that you can find around the house. For example, two bottles for your water cooler can be turned into weights to use for a bench press, or you can use two heavy cans for your bicep curls. Turn a cleaning activity into a core workout by lifting heavy boxes, or make your own gym equipment.

Home Workout DVDs — For the longest time, home workout DVDs were incredibly popular. People of all ages would spend an hour jumping, stepping, and dancing in front of their TVs, with names like Billy Blanks, Paula Abdul, and Jane Fonda dominating the world of fitness. The beauty of these exercise DVDs is that they’re incredibly cheap, especially if you find them on video cassette. If you have an old cassette player, you can pick up video tapes from just about any garage sale or Goodwill store for less than $1. Even if you buy the DVDs, you can find them for less than $5 each. You may not get the latest programs like P90X or Insanity – which cost upwards of $70 – but you can still dance, kick-box, and exercise your fat away with these fun home workout DVDs.

Bodyweight Routine – You don’t have to have weights in order to get in shape, but you can use your own body weight. Pushups, are ideal for your chest and arms, and you can do pull-ups to build bicep and back muscles. Do lunges and squats for your legs, and calf raises for your lower legs. You can find hundreds of easy bodyweight exercises online, and they’ll help you to get in shape without ever touching a weight.

Cheap Sports Equipment — If you feel that you need your own sports gear, why not hit up garage sales to see what you can find? You’ll be amazed at all of the treasures that you can stumble onto as you rummage through these garage sales, and many people will let a weight bench go for $25 or $30 – though the weights may cost you a bit more. You won’t get top of the line gear, but the used items will still be in pretty good shape.

Hit Outdoor Gyms — Most large cities have a number of outdoor gyms in their parks, with homemade weights that you can use for free. These gyms also feature Yoga, martial arts, and other exercise lessons that you can either attend for free, or for a nominal fee each month. You won’t be getting the same quality of personal attention and training that you’d get from a real gym, but you can exercise in the fresh air without spending a cent. It’s a great way to get in shape on the cheap!

Sports – There’s nothing like scoring a goal or sinking a three-pointer to make you feel alive, and you’ll get in good shape at the same time! Sports are perfect for those who are bored of the gym, and you can play sports at pretty much any park for free. You can join pickup basketball games, sign up for a soccer club in the park, or train with your football buddies. You’ll find that it can be tons of fun to get in shape, and you can get your exercise in a fun way!

Running — If you’re the kind of person that loves to run from their cares and worries, why not hit the open road and get running? You need little more than a watch, an MP3 player, and a good pair of shoes, and you can run for hours free of charge.

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