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How to Buy Quality Used Sports Gear

Did you know that buying used sports gear is almost exactly the same as buying the same gear brand new? The only difference is that you’ll usually get the used gear at a much lower price, which will help you to save a fortune on your sport. If you want to buy quality sports gear for less, use the tips below to help you find the best used and cheap gear:

Shop Online – Buying quality, cheap sports gear online will help you to get equipped for your sports games cheaply, and Amazon and eBay are both excellent places to shop for brand new gear at a quality price. However, Amazon and eBay both allow you to shop for used gear as well as new, and you can find the gear for a slightly lower price. Check on Craigslist, and see if there are any ads offering to sell sports gear cheaply.

Buy at Second-Hand Stores – Second-hand stores like Goodwill will offer you pretty good prices on the sports gear that they have, though the amount of gear they’ll have at any given moment may be limited. You should do some research online to find local second hand and used sports goods stores, as they’ll be stocked with used items. You may have to ignore someone else’s name on your goalie pads or hockey sticks, but the gear will come cheap.

Visit Flea Markets and Garage Sales – You’ll be amazed by how many garage sales are loaded with used sports gear, often in excellent quality. If you have the time, spend your weekends driving around and looking into garage sales. Flea markets are often held on the weekends, and they are an excellent place to find quality used sports gear. You’ll have to search through the many stalls to find quality gear, but you may be amazed to find high quality gear at a lower price.

Don’t Buy Upmarket Brands – The top of the line brands like Nike and Reebok will sell their products at a very high price, but these products aren’t necessarily better than cheaper brands. There are some lower priced brands that will be very affordable, and will help you to get started playing sports with quality gear. As time passes, you can slowly upgrade your gear to better quality stuff, but without spending a huge amount all at once.

Find Simpler Gear — Consider your sport’s skill versus the gear needed. If you don’t play tackle football, why would you purchase the chest protector and shoulder pads? If you aren’t the goalie, why would you buy hockey pads and the goalie stick? Make sure to only buy the gear that you need, and keep it at simple as possible. A simple hockey stick or cheaper basketball rim won’t turn you into the next Wayne Gretzky or Michael Jordan, but you’ll be able to play and enjoy yourself at least!

The truth is that you probably don’t need top of the line sports gear, and you’ll be fine with used or cheaper sports equipment. You can invest some money in a quality pair of shoes or skates, but boxing gloves, hockey sticks, baseball bats, and golf clubs can all be bought used for a great price! If you can find the right used or cheap gear, you’ll save yourself a good deal of money and still be able to enjoy your sport of choice!

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