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Heating Your Home the Saving Way

Indoor heating is one of the few things that makes it possible to live in cold parts of the world. Without indoor heating, entire regions (Canada, the Northern United States, Scandinavia, Northern Europe, etc.) would be all but inhabitable because it just gets so darn cold!

But just because you NEED that central heating unit on throughout the winter, that doesn’t mean you can’t cut back on your heating expenses. Here are some ways you can heat your home without getting a massive electric bill at the end of the season:

  • Use fans – Did you know that ceiling fans can actually make your house warmer? When the fan is turned on at its lowest speed, it will help to push the hot air down from the roof towards you on the floor. It won’t cool you off thanks to its low speed, and will ensure that you get plenty of hot air in the winter.
  • Use space heaters -- Space heaters may not be practical in every room in the house, but they’re great for small, enclosed spaces. You can use either gas or electric heaters, and ONLY turn them on when you are sitting right in front of them. They’re ideal for those who spend a lot of time sitting or working on the computer.
  • Wear socks and shoes -- Your feet are the first body part to get chilled in the winter, so always make sure to wear socks and shoes or slippers at all times. That way, you’ll prevent the heat from escaping your extremities.
  • Consider gloves -- If you’re just chilling around the house, consider wearing gloves. You may not be able to type or write easily, but you can use gloves when playing a game or watching TV. Your hands may grow chilly if the thermostat is turned low, and wearing gloves will eliminate the need to turn up the heat.
  • Turn down the heat at night -- When you’re snugly tucked into bed, you don’t really need the heater to be keeping the house warm. That’s what blankets are for! You can turn up the heat when you roll out of bed in the morning, and you’ll save A LOT of electricity overnight.
  • Find a cheap heating system -- Not all heating systems are created equal. Geothermal systems tend to be the most cost-effective, though they’re a bit pricey to buy. Gas heaters are cheaper to run, but they will cost you more initially than an electric heater.
  • Buy USB-powered devices — Using heated apparel can save you A LOT of time and money. You can buy USB-powered heaters, battery-charged heating gloves, thermal jackets with miniature heaters in them, and so many other devices. It’s definitely worth looking into these devices!
  • Bundle Up – You don’t really need to walk around your house in short-sleeves and shorts, do you? You can wear a sweater and long pants, and this will allow you to turn down the thermostat a bit. An extra layer or two can make a huge difference!
  • Check your insulation -- Before the fall arrives, get an insulation contractor to come in and take a look at your insurance. If they find any leaks, make it a point to repair that leak immediately! When the winter chill sets in, the last thing you want is for the cold air outside to seep indoors, or for the hot air inside to escape.

Cutting your heating bill can be easy if you’re smart with the way you heat your home. The tips above will help you to drastically reduce energy use over the winter!


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