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Doing Romance the Cost-Effective Way

Most men see “being romantic” as sending flowers, chocolates, jewelry, or some little gift to their spouse. Well, for a few days out of each year (her birthday, your anniversary, Valentine’s Day, etc.), that would be correct. However, for the rest of the year, there’s nothing that says you have to buy something to be romantic. The same goes for you ladies looking to do something for your man.

Why not come up with ways to do romance the cost-effective way?

Leave Notes

One of the most romantic things you can do is leave little notes for her in places that she’ll be sure to find them. Put them underneath her office chair, inside her wallet, beneath that book she has wanted to read for a few days, inside the kitchen drawers, and underneath that pair of shoes she rarely wears. You don’t want her to find all the notes on the same day, but all throughout the next weeks and months. In fact, the longer it takes her to find the notes, the better! A few months down the line, she’ll find that little message of love and it will bring a smile to her face!

With love message handwritten

Create Something

If you are an artist, put pencil to paper and create something that will show your love for him or her. If you’re a writer, compose a poem or a piece of prose to let them know how much you love them. Take weeks to work at it if you need to, but remember that the work you’re investing into this effort is part of the gift. Exercise your creativity – even if you don’t think you have any!

Prepare an “Indoor” Evening

What could be better than an evening spent indoors, doing all those things you two love to do together? Get the kids out of the house (you’ve got to love grandparents!), and set up the bedroom or living room to be cozy and snug. Bring out all the candles you have in the house, and get that book of romantic poems that you’ve never even opened. Rent a romantic comedy like The Princess Bride, or break down and get The Notebook. Spend the evening together inside the house, snuggling up together and enjoying feeling your bodies in proximity.

Let it Rain!

Next time the weather forecast alerts you that rain is coming, take advantage of the rain and set up a romantic getaway in your backyard. Pitch a tent, and lay sleeping bags on the floor of the tent. Bring a few good books, your computer with a good movie, and a snack or two, and wait for the rain to fall. When the drops start, bring your partner out to your retreat/tent, and enjoy spending the hours dry in the middle of the rain.

Do Sunset

Sunset definitely is the most romantic time of the day, and actually taking the time to watch the sun set is something that few people can do in this busy world. Make sure you and the spouse can get that time off, and go to a special place to watch the sunset. The beach is always a good place to be, but a grassy hill, a skyscraper, or just the roof of your house can all provide excellent spots to see the sunset from if there’s no beach where you are.

Watch the Stars

There are many nights when the sky overhead is clear, and you can see all of the stars in the sky. Even on those nights where it’s slightly overcast, there’s nothing more relaxing than laying out under the stars and letting the world go on around you for a few hours. Bring some blankets up onto the roof, on your trampoline, or on the grass of your backyard. Stay up late to watch shooting stars or a comet, and enjoy a glass of wine while the beautiful night’s sky serenades you.

Be Sneaky

Half of the fun of doing something mischievous is knowing that you could get caught! Add some danger and excitement to your romance by sneaking out of your friend’s party to make out behind the bushes, have a quickie in the bathroom of your restaurant, or sit in your car someplace where you could get caught. It will definitely make things a lot more fun!





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