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Date Night on the Cheap

Most of us look forward to that one night a week where we get to go out with our spouse, partner, or significant other to do something special. Maybe you want to hit up your favorite restaurant for that perfect meal, or perhaps you’re more inclined to go to the theater for a night of culture and elegance.

datenightNo matter what you want to do, it’s going to cost money – a lot of money in many cases! That fancy restaurant where you had your first romantic dinner was probably very costly, and tickets to your favorite rock band are going to cost a small fortune. If you’re a bit strapped for cash, you may feel like you can’t do date night properly without overspending.

Good news: it’s possible to do date night on the cheap!

Find Your Santa Monica Pier

At night, the Santa Monica Pier in Los Angeles is one of the most romantic places to be. With the boardwalk under your feet and the sea breeze in your hair, life is just good! The lights from the Ferris wheel and carnival amusements illuminate the pier nicely, but there are many little nooks and crannies where you can the sweetheart can do some private adult activities.

Unless you live in L.A., though, Santa Monica Pier is just too far away – so you need to find your own romantic spot. Find a place where the lighting is just right, where the temperature is just chilly enough that she’ll lean in for warmth, and where you don’t have to pay a thing to enjoy the wonderful ambience around you.

MasterChef at Home

For a fun date night, bring the MasterChef cooking competition into your home. Give each other a challenge, and see who can prepare the best dishes using a few simple ingredients. You can have fun cooking a meal for the other person, and see who can create the perfect dish that the other person will enjoy the most. Of course, once you’re done eating, you can always “reward” the winner in the comfort of your own bedroom!

Open the Spa

Women love a good massage, and a lot of men will find them quite enjoyable as well! Why not break out the massage oils, scented candles, and soft music, and give each other a nice massage? You don’t have to have a ‘happy ending’ to the massage, but you can just relax and enjoy each other’s company – all the while feeling soooooo goooood! Massages help to release all the tension in those sore, tired muscles, and can bring you both closer together.

Take a Picnic in the Dark

Picnics in the heat of the day can be fun, but nothing says “romance” like a picnic in the park after dark. You’ll need to find a safe park that isn’t too crowded (preferably no sports games going on nearby), and one that has a nice little spot for you to spread out your picnic blanket. With a bit of cheese and fresh baguette (a nicely affordable bread), your dinner is served! Finish your date under the blankets, and enjoy staring at the stars as you relax in the beauty of nature.

Set Up the Home Theater

Date night may be the best night to go to the theater, but what to do when you can’t afford tickets? Why not set up your living room to be a home theater – complete with your comfy couches, a snack (homemade popcorn is very cheap), and the best company in the world? Rent an old romantic comedy that she loved, or see if there is an action movie you can watch with him. With the right setup, there’s nothing better than a night on your home theater couch!

Be Your Own Rock Concert

Want to hear your favorite bands playing, but tickets are all sold out? Rather than paying for scalped tickets (way too pricey!), break out your Xbox or Playstation and gear up for some fun! You’ve got games like Rock Band or Guitar Hero where you can be the rock star, or you can play Just Dance and Dance Dance Revolution for some hip-shaking fun!


See, date night can be fun or romantic, not to mention very affordable! All you need to do is get creative

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