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Cut Grocery Shopping Costs

You have to eat every day, so you can’t really skimp out on the shopping. If your shopping budget is fairly high but you’re looking for ways to trim the fat, the good news is that it’s possible!

Here are some ways for you to cut the cost of your weekly grocery shopping:

Know the Store’s Sales Cycle -­- Most stores cycle through sales, with a different item going on sale each week. Your stores usually follow a six to eight-week sale cycle, so see what’s at a VERY low price today and estimate that it will be on sale in about six weeks again. Also, if your store has a yearly sale, it’s in your best interest to find out about that sale well in advance.

Consider Seasonal Products and Deals – Winter is the best time to buy tissue paper and allergy medication, spring is the best time to buy anything you use for grilling, July and August are the best months to shop for school products, and the end of fall is the best time to buy soups, soaps, cold medicines and remedies, and  oats.

Buy Big – Interestingly enough, the larger the package, the more the savings! The top and bottom shelves are usually stocked with the large packages, which offer a better price per unit than the costlier, smaller items. To save money, buy the large items.

Go Generic – Do you REALLY need to buy all name brand items? Wal-mart’s Great Value brand is quite reasonable for many products, and most stores offer a decent generic product that is affordable. The only things you NEED to buy name brand are electronics, shoes, and appliances.

Shop Online — It may sound silly to shop online for groceries, but did you know that Wal-mart and other large supermarkets will deliver you groceries free of charge? You’ll save a bit on gas, and you can often find online coupon codes to help you save big when shopping online. Plus, there are websites where you can find cheap groceries in your city.

Buy Raw and Unpackaged – How many times have you purchase canned soups, frozen veggies, pre-prepared salads, pre-sliced deli meat, or instant meals? Most of these food items will be MORE expensive than their raw, unpackaged counterparts. Most of your shopping should be done in the fresh produce and meat aisles.

Join the Loyalty Program – If your local supermarket has a loyalty program, it’s worth joining the program to get great discounts on certain products. Not all stores have these programs, but those that do will often put items on sale ONLY for those participating in the loyalty programs. You can also get cashback prizes, special coupons, and other money-saving bonuses for joining a store’s loyalty program.

Shop Wednesday — Most stores restock shelves on Thursday in preparation for the weekend, so Wednesday is when all of the old products are marked down. Many products may be nearing their expiration date, and you can get AMAZING deals on food that the store is trying to get rid of.

Go Bulk Shopping – You may not think that shopping at Costco, BJ’s Wholesale, or Sam’s Club is a smart choice, but you can save a lot of money in the long run if you shop in bulk. You’ll need to buy most of your foodstuffs every week, but items like toiletries, cleaning supplies, and non-perishables can be much cheaper in bulk.

Shop Smart – Do you really NEED to purchase a package of bread crumbs when you have bread going stale at home? Is it worth it to buy a package of cookies when you can bake your own far cheaper? Convenience products like packaged foods may make your life easier, but certainly not cheaper. Check both the deli and dairy aisles to find the best price on cheeses, and search both the baking and produce aisles to find foods like nuts, raisins, and seeds.

Be a smart shopper and save yourself money every week on your grocery shopping!

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