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Cut Fuel Use and Save Big

One of your biggest expenses every month is probably gasoline, particularly if you’re a person that likes to travel. Instead of spending a fortune on fuel this month, why not find ways to cut back on fuel use and save big! Cut back a bit more each month, and you’ll be saving a fortune over the course of a year.

Ditch the Car

Of course, we have to start off this list by saying “ride a bike” and “take public transportation”. Both of these options are highly economical, and, while time consuming, they will save you a fortune in gas costs. If you can fit it into your daily routine, a bike ride to work doubles as a workout. You can get fit while getting to work cheaply. The public transportation system may take more time than driving, but you’ll be able to read, watch a movie on your phone, or generally enjoy yourself more when you’re not sitting behind a wheel.

Tips to Help You Save Big

Here are a few more tips to help you save big on your fuel use:

  • Don’t rush — Did you know that starting and stopping quickly–whether at a light or in traffic–can increase your fuel use drastically? Driving slowly and taking your time can cut fuel costs by as much as 20 to 30%.
  • Use gift cards — If you fill up at the same gas station every week, buy gas gift cards and use them. You’ll usually get more than your money’s worth with the cards.
  • Check your phone — You can download apps like GasBuddy or AAA Triptik, which will help you find the best gas prices in your city or along your route. Check the traffic as well, as that will save you from wasting gas while idling in a mile-long traffic jam.
  • Time your trips — Did you know that Wednesday is the best day of the week to tank up? Most gas stations change their prices Thursday morning, and they raise them in order to earn a bit more from the weekend travelers.
  • Use gas reward cards — You should look into a credit card that gives you a reward every time you fill up your tank. Not only can you earn points on the card and improve your score, but you can get some pretty sweet discounts if you look into grocery store gas rewards cards.
  • Pay in cash — Did you know that you may be charged roughly five cents more per gallon if you pay with a credit card? Instead of using a credit card, try to pay in cash always. It’s not faster, bt at least you won’t be paying extra for your gas.
  • Turn off the engine — Idling actually uses more gas than turning your car back on will, so turn off your engine if you’re going to sit for a while. If you need to wait in the morning, don’t start your car until you’re ready to go.
  • Keep the car in good shape — Filling your tires, changing your oil, and keeping your car in good running condition will keep its fuel usage consistent. When your car starts to break down or have troubles, the first thing to increase is its gas consumption.
  • Empty the trunk — The more weight you have in your car, the more gas you’ll use. If you can keep your car empty when possible, you’ll spend a lot less on gas.
  • Fill up at the right places — Don’t go for convenience if you can find a better price just a bit further. Driving half an hour out of your way to fill up on cheaper gas won’t be worth it, but driving a few blocks out of your way may be.

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