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Cut Costs on Kid Care

Summer is just around the corner, meaning your kids are going to be out of school and in your hair! As a busy parent, it’s going to be tough to do all the things you want and need to do if your kids are clamoring for attention every moment of your day. Child care is absolutely necessary in many cases, but it can be quite expensive.

Want to cut costs on the care of your kids? The tips below will help you save money without cutting the quality of your kids’ care:

  • Search Early – By the time summer is in full swing, all of the best child care workers are hired and all the day care centers are packed. If you want to get the best at a good price, you need to start looking NOW! Find a child care worker well in advance of when you need them, and you’ll pay far less than you would if you had to hire someone in desperation.
  • See If Your Company Can Help -- Your HR department is the place to start if you’re trying to cut costs on child care. Many companies offer child care as one of the benefits of being an employee, or at least they’ll help to cover the costs. Talk to your HR manager and see if they offer any sort of child care benefits.
  • Try Day Care -- Day care may have gotten a bad reputation in many places, but the truth is that it can be an amazing option for those who need help caring for their kids. Day Care is certainly cheaper than hiring a nanny or child care worker by the hour, and it offers a structured, reliable schedule.
  • Consider Family Child Care -- Family child care is similar to day care, but instead your kids are cared for in someone’s home rather than a day care center. You’ll definitely spend less than you would at day care, and you’ll find that many parents offer much more personalized attention than packed day care centers can. The amenities and facilities may be more limited, but fewer kids means closer oversight.
  • Look into an Au Pair -- An Au Pair is basically a foreign exchange student who come to the country as part of the au pair program. They take care of children, take classes and courses on child care, and experience life in your country. You provide the caregiver with room, board, and some spending money, and they help with your kids for a year. It’s an interesting arrangement that just might work in your case!
  • Nanny Share -- If you and a few other mothers in your area need help with child care, why not consider a “nanny share” option? You all pool your money to hire a nanny, who cares for all of your children instead of just one. It is a bit harder on the nanny, so it’s more difficult to find a nanny who will do the job. However, you can save a small fortune if you split the cost of child care between multiple parents.
  • Parent Share -- If you know many stay at home parents who can fit your kids into their afternoons, why not sign up for a “parent share” option? Each of the parents takes all of the kids an afternoon or two, giving the others the time they need to work or do various tasks. It does mean you will need to take care of other people’s children a day or two each week, but if it means you can have your kids taken care of on the other days, it’s worth it.

Child care can be a challenge, but it doesn’t have to be too expensive. Go about it the smart way, and you’ll find that it may be cheaper than you think!

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