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Creative Uses for Wood Pallets

Wood pallets have such a cool look, but how can you reuse them in your home? There are actually a number of fun ways to incorporate pallets into your décor. Use any of these projects to turn a plain pallet into a DIY treasure.

Unique Herb or Flower Garden

Whether you’re short on outdoor space or you just want a unique way to grow your favorite flowers and herbs, a wood pallet offers the perfect solution. For a cool display indoors or out, just use nails to attach gardening fabric to the back and side of your pallet. Then, fill it in with fresh soil and plant your seeds between the slats. This is a great display for setting out in the yard or on a porch. And once your seeds have taken root, you can even hang it vertically – just open the top flap once you hang it up and you can water your plants from the top down each day.

Coffee Table

Who knew that wood pallet would make such a striking addition to your family room or living room? With just a little bit of TLC, even a rough wood pallet can be primed for display in your home. Start by sanding down the pallets to get nice smooth surfaces. Don’t forget to sand the interior sides as well, since you might want to use that space to store magazines, books, remote controls, coasters and other coffee table essentials. You may also want to apply a stain to match the pallets to your décor.

You can assemble your pallets however you’d like to make a coffee table. You can stack them on top of each other to get the height you desire and a solid, block-like appearance. Just be sure to nail the pallets together for added stability. For a more traditional look, attach legs to your pallet. Don’t be afraid to get creative – pallets can make for some truly unique side tables or even chairs and sofas.

Dividing Wall

If you have several pallets, they can be assembled into a wall structure to divide your spaces. Stack a few on top of one another for a divider in between the TV area and home office area in your family room. Outdoors, you can put them along the side of a deck or patio for a little privacy from the neighbors. They can be sanded, stained or painted as you wish in order to create a custom look.

Hanging Organization

You might have tons of things you want to hang up, but the idea of putting dozens of holes in your walls isn’t too appealing. By using a pallet, you make your hanging organization not only functional but also stylish. Best of all, it only requires a few holes to hang up the actual pallets. From there, you can attach all sorts of hooks and hanging rods to create the organized space of your dream. Top options include a pallet by the door for coats, hats and bags or one in the kitchen to hang up pots, pans and utensils.

Shoe Storage

Finding a place for all the shoes is always a struggle in a busy household. But wooden pallets can provide a fun and cute solution to this common conundrum. Attach a pallet to the wall vertically or simply lean it up against a sturdy surface. To store shoes, simply push the toes of the shoes in between the slats. With the exception of little baby shoes and extra-bulky boots, it’s just the right size to grab on to the shoe for some convenient vertical storage. Plus, it’s easy enough for kids to do all on their own.

Pet Bed

Does your furry friend need a warm and cozy place to curl up? A pallet makes for an attractive yet comfortable bed for most pets. This super-simple project just involves placing a plush cushion on top for your pet to relax on. Because the pallet is open on the bottom, it helps air to flow through underneath so you pet stays cool even in warm weather. You can secure the pillow in place by sewing on a few strings and tying them to the slats.

Hanging Lantern

This DIY project requires a little more time, but the payoff is absolutely stunning. To make a hanging lantern, you’ll want to choose a lighting source that can hang inside the pallets first. A simple light bulb will do, but something with more of a glowing effect produces the best results. Next, cut the pallet into pieces that will fit around the light source in four sides. Make sure each side has at least a few slats for the light to come through. Then, attach these four pieces into a square. Hang the light source down inside for a cool light installation that works indoor or outdoors.

Ready to put your pallets to good use? Reference this wood pallet DIY project guide any time you have some spare pieces that you want to transform.

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