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Creative Uses for Cardboard Boxes

Thanks to the wonder of online shopping, having cardboard boxes around the house is totally normal these days. Making the effort to recycle them is great, but reusing them is even better. From cereal boxes to giant moving boxes, there’s a fun way to use just about any of these packages for something new. So what are some fun and unique ways to use cardboard boxes around the house? Here are some ideas that the whole family can enjoy.

For Kids

Let’s start with the obvious – cardboard boxes can make awesome kids for toys, especially when they’re of the extra-large variety. But it’s not just about keeping them entertained; cardboard boxes can stimulate their imaginations, too, which is why it’s one of the best ways to reuse old boxes. Have the kids color or paint on the box to create a design. Cut out windows and doors or create tunnels for them to crawl through. Turn little boxes into furniture for dolls and stuffed animals. The options are endless for helping kids create their own toys from scratch.

For Teens

Teens who want to embrace their artsy side will love cardboard boxes – once they know how to use them, that is. One of the coolest ways for teens to decorate their bedroom is with handmade art. But instead of expensive canvases, cut a cardboard box or use the top of a shoe box. Add a layer of primer and then they can create any design they want on top. It’s also a great surface for creating a cool collage of photos, magazine cutouts and other paper products.

For Adults

Grown-ups love their cardboard boxes, too, though usually for different reasons than those of the little ones. Storage is one of the number-one ways for adults to reuse cardboard boxes. From gift wrapping supplies and magazines to shoes and clothes, cardboard boxes can be repurposed for just about any type of storage. Better yet, you can customize them to meet your needs. That means you can color or decorate them to blend into your décor (so much more attractive that plastic bins from the store). You can also cut them to perfectly fit certain items. For example, you can create a cute box to store your cookbooks in the kitchen that’s perfectly sized for the books you have.

Another way for adults to use cardboard boxes is in the garden. It’s not the place you’d normally think to incorporate cardboard, but it actually has several uses. Cardboard boxes can be used for compost piles. When placed on the ground and covered with fresh soil, they effectively block out weed growth from underneath. And don’t forget that thick cardboard makes a great kneeling pad for working outside.

Finally, there’s gift-giving. It’s smart to save up your cardboard boxes so that you can use them for wrapping up gifts later. But it doesn’t have to involve simple wrapping paper. Instead, you can get creative with how you give gifts by making cardboard boxes into something new and exciting. For example, instead of tissue paper, why not use something fun and unique to pad your gifts inside, like packing peanuts or bubble wrap? It makes your gift feel like getting something special in the mail (who doesn’t love that?). Another idea is to cut up cardboard boxes to make tags for your gifts. They can have a fun DIY feel without requiring much effort. Plus, it adds a stylish element to your wrapping. Don’t forget that you can just decorate the cardboard box directly as well. Who needs overpriced wrapping paper when you’ve got markers, paints, stickers and other items that can jazz up your gift presentation?

For Pets

Anyone who’s ever had a cat knows that cardboard boxes can be just as alluring as catnip. Turning cardboard boxes into a game is fun for lots of pets who like to chase things around. In addition, you can use a cardboard box to create a cozy bed for them to relax in. Add a blanket or pillow for extra comfort. You can even decorate it with their name or fun designs. For a fun twist, cut the top of the box so that it can be pulled back for an open-air nap or placed back on for a dark, cozy fortress.

Finding new and exciting uses for cardboard boxes is easy, especially if you’re the creative type. Start stashing away the boxes you get now so that you’ll be ready when the DIY mood strikes. Whether it’s a box from a gift, from a shipment or from moving, there are endless ways to make every cardboard box into something special. Plus, you can always break them down flat for easy storage, which is essential for DIYers who are short on space.

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