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Creative Money Saving Tips Part 2

Want to save money? You don’t have to become an ultimate couponer or go crazy looking through the Penny Saver, but you’ll find that there are many simple, easy ways to cut back on expenses and save big.

Here are a few more creative money saving tips to try:

  • Set aside money to indulge — If you never spend any money on yourself, it’s likely that you’ll feel restricted and one day go on a spending binge. To avoid that, set aside a small amount every month, and use that money to buy yourself the things you want.
  • DIY whenever possible -- You can easily make your own household cleaning products, skin creams, lotions, moisturizers, air fresheners, and more, and you’ll find that doing your own gardening, home repairs, and maintenance can be very rewarding. The more you can DIY things, the less money you’ll spend on repairs.
  • Repair, not replace -- Only throw out old appliances when they are truly and properly broken. You’ll find that it’s usually cheaper to repair the appliance, particularly if you do the repairs yourself. Not only will you save money, but you’ll reduce the amount of waste generated by your home.
  • Always go for green — When buying new appliances, always choose the ones with the “Energy Star” label. These “green” appliances may be a bit pricier than the regular ones, but they’ll save you a lot of money in the long run. They tend to have a longer lifespan, produce less waste, and often even come with rebates that you can use to get some of your money back.
  • Turn down the AC, turn on a fan -- Ceiling and standing fans are both great ways to stay cool in the summer, and they will allow you to turn down the AC. The fans will circulate the cool air, and the wind chill will make the room feel cooler than it really is.
  • Always shut off lights -- When leaving a room, always make sure to switch off the lights. The more lights you use, the higher your energy bill. Turning off the lights will be one of the best ways to reduce energy use, cutting your energy bill drastically.
  • Replace your light bulbs -- Energy-saving CFL and LED bulbs may be more expensive than regular light bulbs, but they’ll cut your energy bill a lot. It’s worth spending a bit more just to replace them.
  • Check the insulation -- Want to keep the winter chill and the summer heat outside your house? Check the insulation all around your home, and repair any holes or leaks where the indoor air can get out.
  • Close doors -- If the AC or heater are running full blast, make sure to close the doors to any rooms that are unoccupied at the moment. You don’t want to heat or cool a room with no one in it.
  • Stop watching TV so much -- You’d be surprised by how much energy your TV uses every day! If you can switch off the TV and spend more time playing games with your family, you’ll find that your energy bill is lower at the end of the month.
  • Watch movies during the day -- It may not be as much fun to watch a movie while the sun is still shining, but it’s much cheaper. If you’re taking your family, it’s worth cutting costs!
  • Find free events and locations -- Instead of paying high entry fees to local water and amusement parks, why not look for the cheaper ones? You can also visit local parks, wildlife preserves, and museums–usually all for free!


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