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Just $500 for a Complete Home Gym!

Did you know that you can set up a home gym for less than $500? When I say home gym, I don’t mean a small weight bench with a few piddly weights. I mean a complete home gym – loaded with more than enough weight, a solid barbell and a set of dumbbells, and possibly even a machine or two.

How is this miracle possible?

Never Buy Brand New

If you’re looking for a good weight set for use in your home gym, never ever walk into stores like Academy and buy the weights brand new. You’ll end up spending at least $200 just on enough weights to bench press, and you won’t be able to get a bench, a machine, or anything else. If you’re going to set up a home gym the right way, stay away from these stores.

What You Really Need

Here is what you really need to have a complete home gym:

  • Weight Bench — Regardless of what exercise you are doing, you need to have a weight bench. It will provide you with a seat for exercises like seated kickbacks and Preacher curls, and it will make bench pressing possible. If you can find one with an adjustable seat, you’ll be able to do incline and decline presses. If it has a leg weight attachment at the end, you’re in luck!
  • Barbell and Dumbell — You want a plain barbell, as well as two dumbbells. You want the kind that comes with collars, which will hold the weights in place. Professional weightlifting barbells are thicker, and they weigh more – meaning you don’t need to buy as many weight discs. Make sure the dumbbells can handle at least 50 pounds.
  • Weight discs — If you’re going to push yourself properly, you’re going to need at least 50 pounds more than your maximum capacity. If you can bench 200 lbs, buy 250 pounds of weight. You need four discs of 2.5 pounds, four discs of 5 pounds, 4 discs of 10 pounds, and at least 2 discs of either 25 or 45 pounds. If you’re just starting out, you can be content with less weight. Get at least 2 discs of each weight category to ensure that you have enough to start lifting with. Add more as you go!
  • Resistance bands –

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