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Cheap Landscaping Ideas to Boost Your Home’s Curb Appeal

One of the most effective ways to make your home’s exterior more attractive is by landscaping. It instantly adds color and charm to your yard and shows that the home is well cared for. If you’re looking for ways to add landscaping without depleting your savings, check out these cheap landscaping hacks that offer a big impact on a small budget.

Use What’s Free First

Before you even spend a dime, first consider what you might be able to get your yard for free. For example, you could use your own compost bin and create your own DIY fertilizer instead of buying it from the store. If you know a friend with a garden, ask if they have any clippings or overgrown plants that could be brought over to your yard. Even some city governments offer free mulch or wood chips in the Spring. You can also look on Craigslist, Freecycle or online neighborhood message boards to find out about people looking to give away excess mulch, gardening tools, plants, etc. Even discarded wood pieces could be used to create an outdoor landscaping feature or elevated garden bed.

Look at all the possible sources for landscaping before you start spending your cash. You may be able to get a good start on your lawn makeover without having to dip into your own reserves.

Buy Early…Really Early

Most people get their landscaping going in the spring or summer. That means that fall brings major discounts on lots of gardening and landscaping supplies. If you shop strategically, you can often find plenty of good, hearty perennials available at a deep discount. Take good care of them for the remainder of the season and you should have some lovely looking plants in the spring. This is also the best time to pick up all the other supplies you’ll need for landscaping your yard, like planters, gloves, sprinklers, lawn mowers, shovels, garden hoses and other tools.

Use Natural Elements

Yes, those stone pavers from the home improvement store are lovely. But they aren’t the only option for giving your lawn an upgraded look. If you want to define an area, consider using natural rocks or gravel instead. They’re cheaper to buy, or you can look for your own on your property. Sand is another natural element you can use to add to landscaping. It’s affordable, easy to care for and looks great in certain settings.

Go Solar

Lighting your landscaping features adds a really big curb appeal boost and makes your home look appealing when after the sun sets. But installing wired lighting is expensive, and it can run up your electric bills when those lights are on for hours day after day.

For an inexpensive solution, go with solar lights instead. They may not be quite as bright, but they add an inviting soft glow to your outdoor space without having to worry about expensive electricity costs. Plus, solar lighting is more affordable and versatile than ever. You can find solar spotlights, solar pathway lights and even solar café lights that you can string above a deck, patio or fire pit. It’s a great way to add ambiance with a small one-time cost rather than the ongoing costs of running electric outdoor lights.

Feel the Power (Wash)

Power washing your driveway, walkways, deck, pavers and other outdoor features is easy and quick, but it delivers a big payoff. Your home will look refreshed, bright and clean when you remove the stains, dirt and grime that have built up over the years.

The great thing about this landscaping hack is that you don’t even have to buy a power washer. You can actually rent a power washing machine from most major home improvement stores for a very reasonable price. Just bring it home for a few hours, get the power washing done and then return the machine. In one afternoon, you can create a big impact for your outdoor landscaping.

Be Patient

It’s tempting to get the instant gratification of adding a mature plant or tree to your yard. But having the patience to wait a few years for the desired look will mean big savings for your bank account. Choosing young plants instead of mature ones to plant in your yard is much more affordable. The plants will be smaller, but within a few years (or sometimes even just one year), there will be significant growth to make your home look stunning from the outside.

Making your home look beautiful is an investment any homeowner should commitment to. However, that investment doesn’t have to be expensive to get the payoff you want. Use these affordable, DIY landscaping ideas to make your yard a beautiful sight to behold. It’s something you’ll enjoy each and every day, plus it adds value to your home in the long run.

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