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Big Savings for a Big Thanksgiving Dinner

Thanksgiving may still be a couple of months away, but now is actually the best time to start looking for ways to save on your Thanksgiving dinner. You’d be amazed by how high the prices on certain Thanksgiving Dinner food items can climb by the end of October, so you should consider shopping right now. You’d be amazed by how much you can save on that delicious Thanksgiving dinner!

Buy Turkey Now

Turkey is often costlier than chicken, but the price of a good Butterball Turkey skyrockets by the end of October. You’ll end up paying at least $1 more per pound – if not more. You should definitely look into turkey shopping now, as you’ll be able to find a pretty good deal on your delicious Thanksgiving bird. If you can go to a slaughterhouse to find a fresh turkey, it can go straight into your freezer – to be pulled out in time to prepare it for the big day.

Consider Another Meat

Yes, Thanksgiving is traditionally celebrated over a steaming stuffed turkey, but why not go the alternative route to save yourself some money. You can prepare a special pot roast for your family, or get a few whole chickens to stuff. You may want to consider a good ham – which will be much costlier around Christmas time. If you switch things up, you can save yourself a small fortune on the meat alone.

Just Get One

How many times have you set a massive feast in front of your family – with roast beef, a huge Thanksgiving turkey, a rack of lamb, pork chops, and more? There are few dinners more indulgent than Thanksgiving, but it may be a good idea to cut back on your shopping this year. If you just stick with one meat for your dinner, you’ll save a lot!

Look for Coupons Now

Imagine how much you could save if you started gathering coupons right now. You may not find coupons for Thanksgiving-specific items like cranberry sauce or pumpkins right now, but you can find coupons for the butter, the potatoes, the spices, and the other ingredients that will go into making the dinner. Start clipping those coupons a few months in advance, and stock up on the items that can be stored until Thanksgiving. By the time the dinner rolls around, you’ll already have saved a fortune on the prep items thanks to these coupons.

Calculate Correctly

How much food are you actually going to eat? You need about 1 pound of meat per person, and you can probably get away with no more than two potatoes per person. You really don’t want to overdo it on the cooking and the shopping, as your bills will definitely mount if you buy more food than you’re going to eat. Sure, the day-after leftovers are absolutely delicious, but you’ll end up spending more than you should.

Make it a Pot-Luck

If you’ve got relatives or friends coming to your Thanksgiving dinner, do you really need to be the perfect host and provide all of the food yourself? Instead of being too generous, cut back this year and have your guests bring certain dishes or items to help complete the dinner. While you may be responsible for the main course, have your guests bring the drinks, the desserts, and anything else that will complement the meal.

Be Smart with Drinks

Thanksgiving cider is a real treat, but it can be quite expensive. A good bottle of wine will run you easily $10 to $20, but buying a box of wine is a much smarter idea – it costs a fraction of the price. Place that boxed wine into a nice decanter, and no one will have any idea that it comes from a box. They’ll marvel at your wise selection of wine, and they’ll drink it down like it’s a $40 bottle – even though it costs about $5 per bottle!


Thanksgiving is going to be a fairly expensive dinner, and the incredibly expensive Christmas season is just around the corner. You should be looking to save money any way you can, and these ideas here will help you to cut costs on this important family event!

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