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Being a Bridezilla on the Cheap

It’s amazing how many little boys and girls dream of getting married, and they spend their entire adult lives saving up for the big day when they can finally walk down the aisle to meet their dream man or woman at the altar. The truth is that getting married truly is a big deal, and a wedding is an event of a lifetime.

Unfortunately, that usually means that it’s an event that will cost a lifetime of savings – or does it?

How to Have the Perfect Wedding Without Spending a Fortune

Just because you’re getting married, it doesn’t mean you have to spend your life’s savings on the big day. If you’re wedding day is coming up, keep these saving tips in mind:

  • Budget First — So many people figure out what they want for their wedding before they ever sit down and prepare a budget, so they end up spending thousands of dollars more than they can afford. If you’re going to have your big day in the stylishly frugal way, sit down to prepare a budget before you start dreaming big. It may help you to cut the frills – the things that are nice, but aren’t really necessary.
  • Prioritize -- What parts of the wedding matter most to you? Are the floral arrangements more important than the live music, or is the open bar more important than the fancy wedding dinner? Think about which aspects of the wedding are the most important, and get those settled first. Once you knock out all of the bigger things, you can start checking the smaller, less important items off your list until you reach your spending limit.
  • Start Saving Now – If you know your wedding day is just a few months away, why not start making small cuts right now? You really don’t need to stop for that $5 cup of coffee every day, and that’s at least $25 per week that will go towards the big day. Find small ways to save, and use them to start saving up for your wedding now.
  • Try to Avoid Loans — Many people borrow from their bank to pay for their wedding, and they spend the next few years working to pay off the loan. Unless you’re going to throw an extravagant wedding, you should be able to save up for the wedding BEFORE you have it. Try to avoid taking out a loan from the bank, as the interest charged on the loan will make it a very costly wedding.
  • Think First -- Before you put down a deposit on anything that you’re getting for the wedding, ask yourself the following three questions: “Will we use it? Is it worth it? Can I find it someplace else for a lower price?” You don’t want to be a skinflint on your wedding day, but you shouldn’t go all out just because you think it’s the right thing to do. If you can’t satisfactorily answer all of the above questions, it may not be a good idea.
  • Look for Packaged Deals -- It may not sound like a whole lot of fun to have your wedding at a Holiday Inn, but they offer good packaged deals on the service, venue, meal, and entertainment. Many hotels offer good packaged deals, and you can often find similar packages at party halls and venues. Shop around to find a good deal, and consider them as a means of saving money.
  • Wed Off-Season – There are a few months out of every year that is known as “wedding season” – the time when most couples get married. However, the rest of the year is usually pretty quiet for wedding planners, and you can take advantage of these months to get a good price on your wedding. Talk to a wedding planner to see what months are the best for your wedding, and try to work it out to get hitched during the off-season.
  • Haggle -- It may sound silly, but haggling and negotiating over the price is an important part of the wedding planning. You want to get the best deal possible, so make sure that you negotiate every aspect of the event planning. It’s the only way to save money on the big day!

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