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4 Fun & Inexpensive Bachelorette Party Ideas

These days, many ladies are having fun going all-out for their bachelorette bash. From destination weekends in big cities to weeklong getaways in the Caribbean, it can seem like a huge, blow-out bash is a must for your last fling before the ring. But in reality, you can still have a wonderful bachelorette celebration even if you’re trying to be frugal. Use these inexpensive bachelorette party ideas to make the most of your time with your best friends before the big day.

At-Home Spa Day

A lavish day at the spa certainly sounds nice, but it’ll also set your friends back hundreds of dollars each. Why not enjoy the same fun at home? Have all your bridesmaids bring along a few of their favorite nail polishes and assorted tools, like nail files, clippers, etc. Set up some foot bath stations with big bowls of warm water and get your mani/pedis going. Take turns painting each other’s nails for that pampered feel.

You can also do other spa-like treatment right at home without spending a lot. Buy a few face masks from the drug store. Have a friend who’s good with hair give everyone cute hairdos or blowouts. Bring along cozy robes, fun magazines, aromatic candles and soothing music to make the whole house feel like a relaxing spa. The girls will love getting the spa treatment while still getting to be laid-back at home.

Cabin Getaway

Does anyone in your group have a vacation or cabin home? Ask to use it! If not, sites like Airbnb and VRBO make it pretty affordable to split the costs of a little getaway in the great outdoors. Since you’ll be spending lots of time outside, you don’t need to spring for fancy accommodations.

This simple, rustic getaway is perfect for an outdoorsy bride who loves to be active. You can spend time swimming, kayaking or just roaming the beach if you’re by some water. Find a local hiking trail and bring along a tasty picnic to eat along the way. Check out local sights, whether it’s a sand dune, a forest or a winding creek. Back at the house, you can enjoy sitting around a campfire telling fun stories about the bride and eating s’mores – what could be better!

Bar Crawl Scavenger Hunt

No need to hit up the hottest (and most expensive clubs) in town for a bachelorette celebration. Line up a few favorite local bars and set the schedule for a bar crawl to remember. Your best bet for saving money will be to choose bars within walking distance of one another or to have one partygoer act as the designated driver. That way, you’ll save big on cab fare for the night.

This is great for a bride-to-be who wants a more traditional bachelorette party without having her bridesmaid overspend. You can get decked out in fun attire and wear cheap accessories from the party store, like bead necklaces, feather boas, plastic tiaras, etc. To make the crawl seem special from your typical night out, plan a scavenger hunt. It’s completely free and adds to the excitement of the party. Take a photo of the bride finding each item on the list and put them together in a cute photo album with other party pics.

Dinner Party

Grown-up gals don’t always want the crazy nightlife scene for their bachelorette. Instead, consider the totally mature and totally delicious option of having a dinner party to celebrate the bride. This is a great way to keep the party guests fed and entertained without having to spend a lot. In fact, the bridesmaids can all pitch in by making something for the dinner, whether it’s an appetizer, an entrée, a side dish, a dessert or even a special cocktail. Try to focus each party of the meal on the bride, whether it’s her favorite food or a reference to where she’s from (like great BBQ for a bride from Kansas City). You could even have the bride guess which bridesmaid made each dish to bring an extra element of surprise to the night.

You can also add to the night’s entertainment by playing some dinner party games, like charades. Another great way to top off the evening is to serve up a special dinner drink or dessert while everyone reminisces about their favorite memory of the bride.

Clearly, you don’t need to spend hundreds or thousands of dollars on an expensive getaway trip just to celebrate the bride. When you’re trying to put together a party for one of your best friends, it’s more important to bring together her closest pals and give her a party that celebrates her in a personal and thoughtful way. Use these bachelorette party suggestions to stay on budget while you plan a special night for the bride-to-be.

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