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Bachelor Parties the Frugal Way

Bachelor parties are a very important part of the wedding process – at least for the groomsmen. It’s their last chance to take the groom and pretty much do whatever they want before the future wife is able to put her foot down and say “No!” It’s part of the rite of passage from being a man to being a husband, which is why it’s so important.

But, should you go all out on the bachelor party, or should you try to save a bit of money and do something a bit cheaper? For your “stag-do”, here are some ways you can save some money:

Pizza and Beer

It doesn’t get too much cheaper than this for your bachelor party, and it’s an ideal “theme” if the future wife is very interested in keeping her man away from nightclubs and exotic dancing halls. You’ll find that a good evening of sitting around playing games, throwing darts, shooting pool, and basically being a man with the groomsmen will be a great way to celebrate your last few nights of freedom. Throw in a few pizzas and all the beer you can drink, and it will be a night to forget!

Bowling Party

Once again, this may not sound fun to the average man, but bowlers will love a good night out on the lanes. Instead of stopping at one or two games, spend all night bowling. It will be much cheaper than a trip to Vegas or Atlantic City, and you can get in a last few games of bowling with your friends before you have to spend every night at home with the missus.

Baseball Game

If your team is playing at home, why not rent a box in the baseball field and hold your bachelor party up in the VIP lounge? You may have to get in touch with the stadium owners to get permission to use the box, or you may have to pay a hefty sum to get access to it. However, if you want to keep things simple and cheap, just enjoy sitting in the stands with all of the other fans rooting for your home team. If the stars align just right, your team may even win on your big night!

Poker Party

Who said that a guys’ night in has to be boring? For your bachelor party, keeping things chill and relaxed can be a great way to go – especially if you all have work the next day. Break out those old poker chips, your deck of cards, and the poker table, and stock up on beer, chips, pizza, and stogies. There’s nothing better than a night hanging out with your friends, and being able to stay up playing all night long can be a great way to experience one last night of freedom.

Scavenger Hunt

This is something you – the best man – will have to spend a bit of time preparing. Instead of going for a small thing, why not plan a scavenger hunt that takes you all over the city? Set up clues at the groom’s favorite places, but force him to have something to eat or drink at every place he stops at. He’ll have to get through all of the clues before the end of the night – making it a night of fun driving all around the city.

Arcade Hangout

When was the last time you all spend the evening playing silly video games at your local arcade? So many children grow up to be men that no longer play video games, despite the fact that they love them. To give your groom a night that he will never forget, buy a bucket of game tokens and let him go to town on all of his favorite games. He’ll love it, and it’s a secret that he won’t mind keeping from his future wife!

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