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Affordable Ways to Decorate a Big Empty Wall

If you have an empty wall in your home, you might be overwhelmed by how much it could potentially cost to fill it with artwork or other decorations. Fortunately, there are a few fun, affordable and fast fixes that make it possible to add lots of personality to your space without blowing your redecorating budget. Consider these ideas for large-scale artwork for a big empty wall.

Create Framed Art on the Cheap

Love the look of framed artwork but hate the cost? Make your own art with affordable materials in just minutes. Shop for a few low-cost large frames. These are often available in the clearance section of a big box store or at thrift stores and garage sales. If you’re handy, you could also make your own frames with pieces of wood since you don’t need to have glass panels in front for this project.

Then, it’s time to find a cool print or design to fill your frames. Pieces of fabric or wallpaper work well since they are fairly durable and can be found in just about any color and style. You can also create your own artwork if you want to fill the frames with something more personal. Simply cut the design to fit your frames and you instantly have affordable artwork for your walls. You can use different patterns for each frame for an eclectic look or split the same design in all your frames has a sophisticated and chic look.

Turn a Tapestry Into Something More

The tapestry has long been a popular decorating option for dorm rooms and starter apartments. These pieces of fabric are very affordable and can be simply tacked into a wall to hang. The result often looks a bit haphazard, however. In addition, it has a type of hippie vibe that might not really work with the rest of your décor.

However, you can easily upgrade a tapestry by using a simple piece of wood to hang it on your wall. Cut a piece of wood to the same length as the top edge of the tapestry. Place the tapestry’s top edge along the back of the wood piece and staple it into place. Then, screw or nail the wood piece into your wall. This helps the tapestry to lay flat on the wall rather than having a draped look, and the wood piece gives it a bit of a border for a streamlined look.

You can do this with any size of tapestry, including extra-large ones made for big empty walls. Sites like Society6 are great resources for finding affordable tapestries in all kinds of beautiful designs. If you wish, you can also paint or stain your wood border to accent your tapestry or match the rest of your furniture and décor.

Make Meaningful Wall Art with a Family Heirloom

Many people have a quilt that’s been passed down to them or made as a special gift. However, you might not want to use that quilt as actual bedding in order to preserve its condition. A great solution is to use the quilt as a piece of wall art. Fortunately, you only need a few affordable items in order to quickly transform your quilt and make it ready to hang.

First, use fabric to sew loops at the top of the quilt. The loops can be integrated into the top edge or hang above the edge to add a cool design feature to the final look. Then, get a long curtain rod that can extend to the full length of the quilt. Mount that rod on the wall and use the loops to hang the quilt along the rod. Now you have a beautiful statement piece for that big empty wall along with a lovely way to enjoy a family heirloom without damaging it.

Create a Gallery Wall

Another fun way to decorate a large space is to create a gallery wall. You’ll need several frames, but the frames do not need to match perfectly. Look for frames in clearance sections or keep an eye out at garage sales and thrift stores until you’ve found enough to cover your wall. Then, find items to fill your frames. Here are a few options you could use:

  • Personal photos (print them on the cheap at a place like Walgreens)
  • Free art prints (available on many websites)
  • Pages from art books (find affordable options at thrift stores and garage sales)
  • Images from old cookbooks (great for kitchens)
  • Postcards
  • Gallery
  • Typography (print out a favorite quote in a cool font)
  • Old maps
  • Images from an old calendar (or buy a discounted calendar partway through the year)

Add lots of personality and style to your space without going over your budget with these handy tips for decorating a big empty wall.

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