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9 Cheap Ways to Market Your Business

Marketing is one of the most difficult–and most expensive–elements of business. Not only do you have to create good marketing materials, but you have to make sure that they appeal to people and are visible to your target audience. No easy task, right? Add in the high cost, and it becomes an even greater challenge.

Thankfully, there are a few cheap ways to market your business, and these marketing methods are surprisingly effective:

  1. Give out freebies – Print your company name or logo on pens, T-shirts, and other giveaway items, and give them out as often as you can afford to. You don’t have to spend a lot on the items–in fact, they’ll usually be fairly cheap. But every person who receives one of those items will have a reminder of you and your company.
  2. Send out emails -- Collecting email addresses isn’t always easy, but it’s worth it! It will cost you very little to send out regular email newsletters, and it’s a great way to stay in touch with previous customers. It’s probably THE MOST efficient way to market the latest promotions, updates, and changes.
  3. Hire a sign person -- We’ve all seen those people standing by the side of the road, holding or waving the bright, colorful signs advertising something. The cost of hiring one of these “sign professionals” is VERY low (usually minimal wage), and the only extra cost will be the price of printing the sign. Definitely a good option for a cheap marketing tactic!
  4. Donate -- If you have a lot of merchandise in stock, it’s a good idea to donate it to local charities or charitable events. This will help to increase your standing in the community, and will be a great PR opportunity.
  5. Offer free classes or seminars — If you have a product or service that benefits many people, why not pass on your knowledge and expertise? Offer free classes or seminars, and invite as many people as you can. Post flyers at churches, schools, libraries, and anywhere else you can think of. DO NOT try to market yourself to the people attending your seminar, but let the free education raise the public impression of your business or company. They will think of you if they need your product or service.
  6. Contribute articles -- Contact your local newspaper and see if they can use articles related to your business. Submit to magazines, blogs, and websites where the content you write could be relevant. The more articles you submit, the more you build your reputation as an expert.
  7. Buy a car magnet — It’s fairly easy to make vehicle decals and logos on magnets, which you can stick to the sides and back of your car. Every time you drive around town, your sign will be visible. Just remember to be a polite driver; you are representing your company now!
  8. Give away balloons -- Balloons can be a wonderfully cheap marketing investment! You’ll spend about $100 for roughly 250 custom-printed helium balloons, plus another $50 or so for the helium tank. Give the balloons away to children at local sports events, the zoo, or any community event. It won’t just make the kids happy, but it will be a great way of promoting yourself and your company to the parents.
  9. Create a referral program -- One of the best ways to entice people into telling other people about your business is to offer them an incentive. If they get a discount for every client they send your way, they’re far more likely to refer you!


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