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7 Wicked Wedding Money Savers

Getting married is VERY expensive! You spend thousands of dollars on the wedding venue alone, and by the time you add on the cost of the wedding outfits, the catering, the drinks, the decorations, the floral arrangements, and all the rest, you’re out tens of thousands.

If you’re planning a wedding, here are a few wedding money savers to keep in mind:

  • Find a corkage-free venue – If you want to save big, bring your own alcohol. It’s much cheaper that way, and you can give your guests a great time without breaking the bank. Most venues will charge a small corkage fee (a fee per bottle), but you will often be able to negotiate with the venue to eliminate that corkage fee. This is more likely if you are selecting an “all services included” venue.
  • Work with a wedding planner -- It may sound like an unnecessary expense, but a good wedding planner will usually save you more than you spend on their services. They have a host of contacts in the wedding services industry, and they will have no problem hooking you up with quality suppliers and vendors. Definitely the way to go!
  • Search for the caterers -- A huge chunk of your wedding budget will be spent on catering–food, drink, appetizers, etc. It’s of the utmost importance that you shop around for a good caterer. This means one that not only makes good food, but who offers a service at the best price. Get quotes from a number of vendors, and use the competing quotes to drive down the cost of catering.
  • Get married any day but Saturday — Most weddings take place on Saturday afternoon/evening. This gives guests an entire day to prepare, but a day to recuperate after partying hearty. This means that Saturday is the most expensive day of the week to plan your wedding, so consider ANY other day. Friday and Sunday nights will both be much cheaper, and you will save a whole lot more by getting married on a week day. It may make it a bit harder for guests to show up, but it will save big.
  • Small wedding, big reception -- If you are holding the wedding ceremony at a different location than the reception, consider keeping the ceremony small–just family and the closest friends. Most people are only there for the free booze, food, and party, so you can make the ceremony a much cheaper one by keeping it intimate.
  • Keep the venue the same — While it may be your dream to show up at the wedding reception in a fancy stretch limo, that’s a pretty pricey thing to make happen. If all of your guests have to travel between ceremony and reception venues, the price of transportation skyrockets. Instead, hold the ceremony and the reception at the same venue. You can usually get a pretty good packaged deal if you do, and you’ll cut the costs of both venues.
  • Bring the arrangements -- If you have an unlimited wedding budget, you can go all out with the floral arrangements. But if you’re like most of us and have to cut costs, it’s better to repurpose the arrangements you used at the ceremony. Have the florist transport all of the arrangements to the reception venue, and use them to decorate the reception hall. It will be much cheaper that way, and no one will know that you used the same decorations in both places.

If you want to keep your wedding budget down, you’ll try these awesome wedding money savers!

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