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7 Apps to Help You Save Money

Did you know that your smartphone can be a money-saving tool? No, that’s not necessarily a reason to justify dropping close to $1,000 on the latest Apple phone, but it’s a good way to take advantage of the smartphone you’ve already purchased. With the right apps, you can save a pretty hefty chunk of change:

Acorns – This app is the perfect way to invest your money even if you have no idea how to do it! First off, it rounds all your purchases up to the nearest dollar. Then it takes that extra amount and puts it into Exchange Traded Investment Funds. You can control your investment strategies, research the portfolios, and find out as much as you want, or simply let the app trade your money for you. It’s a good way to save a bit of money and use it to invest in your future.

Digit – This app will take money from your account and transfer it into an “untouchable” savings account. Don’t worry, the account belongs to you, but the app will stop you from accessing it. This is a handy tool for those who have a tendency to spend more than they should. The app will track your income and expenses to determine what is a good amount of money to set aside, and it will ensure that you have some savings to show for all your hard work.

Tip Yourself — This app works like a savings jar, taking a small percentage of your money and setting it aside into savings before you pay all your bills. You decide how much you want to set aside as a “tip” for your hard work and progress, and the app will transfer it to your savings account. The app will help you set savings goals, making you more efficient with your money management.

You Need a Budget – This app is designed to help you budget your money and make sure every dollar you earn is going to the right place. It will make sure you know which bills are the most important to pay first, as well as how much you’ll have left once the bills are all paid. You’ll set aside money for that “rainy day”, and you’ll learn how to live on the money you earned LAST month. It’s a simple app that will teach you how to manage your money right.

Shopkick — This is the app that will streamline your shopping and help you save as much as possible on your purchases. The app will help you find great deals at all your favorite stores (Target, Best Buy, Macy’s, etc.), and you can earn points that can be used to purchase gift cards. It’s a great way to save money on your purchases and earn a bit of extra in the process.

Retail Me Not — ┬áThis app is the perfect place to find coupons for ALL your favorite retailers, as well as information on the latest deals. If you’re a shopaholic that wants to get your spending under control, this app will help you find the best prices for all the things you want to buy. Aside from all the coupons and discounts sent to your email, you can browse stores near you to find great deals.

Groupon – Want to eat out at a fancy restaurant, do something fun with your family, or take an adventure trip? Groupon will provide you with opportunities to do all these things, but at a steeply discounted price. You’ll find that there are all sorts of fun activities made drastically cheaper thanks to Groupon.

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