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7 Alternative Wedding Registry Options

The traditional wedding registry can be a great fit for some couples, but what about those who don’t need a wide variety of household items? Today, many couples are getting engaged later in life, when they’ve already accumulated many of the essentials found on traditional wedding registries.

If you already have a blender, silverware, bedding and towels that you like, registering for these items can seem redundant. You don’t want your guests to waste money on things you don’t need, but what if you still want to give them an option in case they’d like to give you a gift? That’s where alternative wedding registries come in. These unique sites can give your wedding guests other options for thoughtful gifts. Meanwhile, the couple doesn’t end up with household items they don’t need. It’s a win-win for everyone.

Hatch My House

Couples who are saving up for their first home may want to consider using Hatch My House for their wedding registry. On the website, each couple creates a design of the type of house they’d like to have. Then, guest can contribute to their savings by sending money via PayPal. Depending on what options the couple select, guests may be able to contribute to specific house funds, such as a down payment, home décor or renovations.

The Honey Fund

With The Honey Fund, couples can receive monetary gifts that will go towards their honeymoon. Instead of simply asking for honeymoon money, most couples list travel experiences along with a dollar amount. For example, honeymoon registry options could include a trip to a museum, a boat rental, surfing lessons or dinner for two. With this system, guests can contribute to a specific part of the couple’s trip, which adds a fun component to this registry option. And if the couple wants to thank each guest in a special way, they can send a photo of them enjoying the experience paid for by the guest.


Bottlenotes is one of the more unique wedding registry options. This website allows couples to register for boutique wines from around the world. It’s great for everyone from serious wine drinkers to those who just want to start a nice collection. Bottlenotes takes the guesswork out of deciding which wine to buy for the newly married couple. The website has tons of suggestions for couples, including wines that can be celebrated on anniversaries for years to come and wines from dozens of countries.

I Do Foundation

If you want to give something back when you tie the knot, then consider using the I Do Foundation for your wedding registry. This alternative registry option allows couples to register for certain charities that are meaningful to them. Then, guests can choose from the charities on the registry and donate a gift in honor of the couple. This is perfect for the couple that doesn’t need any gifts and feels strongly about certain causes. The I Do Foundation lists hundreds of charities, so it’s easy for couples to find a few to which they’d like to contribute.

Card Avenue

Many guests prefer to give money to newly married couples, but handing over cash in an envelope feels impersonal. Card Avenue is the perfect solution for this situation. This wedding registry site allows couples to choose from hundreds of restaurants and stores that they’d like to receive gift cards from. That way, guests know for certain they’re giving a gift card that will be used and enjoyed. Meanwhile, the couple gets to spend money as it’s needed to stock their household, shop for necessities, enjoy a dinner out or have other fun experiences.

Registry Rebellion

If you don’t have time to create your own wedding registry, let someone curate it for you. This custom registry option lets couples describe the types of experiences they’d like to have. Then, an online registry is created with all kinds of fun and exciting adventures that can be funded by guests. For those who like thrills, the registry can be loaded up with skydiving, river rafting or rock climbing lessons. Or, you can add in fun couples experiences, like a romantic dinner, mixology classes or dance classes. Plus, other items can be mixed in, like golf clubs, digital cameras and more.

MoMA Store

The Museum of Modern Art offers their own wedding registry option for couples. This is great for filling your home with interesting, functional and beautiful things. The options are unique, like artistic vases, minimalist wall clocks, a bonsai tree kit, art books and more. This is perfect for the couple that wants to personalize their home with unique items rather than registering for traditional things at a traditional store.

Quick Tips

  • Many couples include wedding registry information on their wedding website to help guests out.
  • You don’t have to stick to one registry. It’s increasingly common to see couples who have two or more registry options for guests.
  • There are some registry options which allow for combining different types of gifts, such as Zola, where couples can register for a combination of cash, travel experiences and household items.


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