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6 Ways to Reuse Old Towels

If you use your towels regularly, they won’t last forever. Most towels wear out after a few years, especially if they are your go-to bath towels. There are also hand towels and kitchen towels which may wear out even faster depending on how many people are using them each day. Beach towels might last a bit longer if you’re not at the beach regularly, but they do get quite beat up being out in the hot sun on the sand over time.

So what can you do with all those old towels? You might be tempted to throw them out, but you can actually repurpose them around your home in a variety of ways. That’s a smart way to save money so you’ll be able to afford replacement towels. Here are the top ways to reuse old towels once they’re no longer fit for regular use.

Cleaning Rags

Don’t bother buying small washcloths from the store to use as rags. Instead, just get them for free by cutting up an old towel. These rags are perfect for all kinds of dirty jobs, whether it’s wiping up a random spill or dusting around the home. You can toss the ones that get so filthy they can’t be washed, but typically they can simply be washed and dried for reuse like any other towel. This is actually a great way to cut back on waste and spending for your normal household cleaning as well. Simply use your homemade rags to clean countertops, windows, mirrors and other surfaces instead of paper towels, them do a small load of laundry to wash them so you can use them again the next time you’re ready to clean.

Baby Bibs

If you feel like you’re always running out of bibs, you may be tempted to buy more. But why waste money on expensive bibs from the store? When you cut up an old towel instead, you can get several baby bibs for free with just a little bit of effort. With a bath towel, you can cut out a bib shape and attach Velcro or a sew in a button to make the straps close at the neck. It takes just minutes to make and is just as effective at keeping your little one clean during meals. These towel bibs are also simple to wash afterwards. Turn your old towels into multiple bibs for your baby so you’ll have a stack of fresh bibs ready to go at all times.

Swiffer Pads

Do you use a Swiffer mop or a similar product? If so, then you know all too well how expensive the refill pads can be. But rather than using disposable pads that cost money with every use, you can transform your old towels into convenient and cost-effective sweeping pads that can be used again and again. Use one of your current Swiffer pads as a template to cut multiple pads using your old towels. You’ll quickly have a fresh stack of pads ready to go for all your dry mopping needs. Use these the next time you need to clean the floors, and don’t forget that you can use both sides to tidy up. Throw them in the washing machine afterwards to get them ready for next time.

Draft Barrier

Does your home get a bit drafty during the winter months? Use your old towels to keep cold air from blasting in through small cracks under your doors and windows. Roll a towel to the appropriate size to keep the draft out. You may even want to cut the towel and sew it into a custom shape to fit an area where you have frequent draft issues. It’s a quick, easy, effective and frugal fix for a common household issue in the winter.

Dog Bed

Lots of old towels can make for a quite comfy bed for your dog. Line their crate with a few old towels to give them a soft and cozy spot to rest. When it starts to get that “doggy” smell, these towels will be super-easy to wash compared to a bulky dog bed from the store. Don’t forget that old towels are also great for cleaning your pup up after a muddy romp at the dog park or toweling off after a bath.

Packing Supplies

If you’re moving, old towels are sure to come in handy. Rather than spending lots of money on tissue paper or newspapers, you can simply wrap up delicate items in old towels to protect them. You can also use old towels to fill up empty spaces in boxes so the contents won’t move around during the move.

As long as you have space to store them, it’s always smart to hold on to your old towels. You never know when they might come in handy and help you save a little money when it comes to everyday household tasks.

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