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5 Affordable & Fun Bachelor Party Ideas

Are you or your groomsmen strapped for cash? A fun and memorable bachelor party doesn’t have to be out of reach. With a little planning and creativity, you can have an amazing bachelor celebration for you best bud while still saving money. Here are some of the most fun and affordable ways to throw a bachelor party.

Yard Olympics

Guys love games, so why not put a fun twist on some classic outdoor challenges? From cornhole, ladder golf and horse shoe to a little pick-up football, just about any game you can play outside can provide hours of entertainment for the guys. Place guys around the yard and have guys compete individually and/or on teams. Keep score and bring along some fun yet inexpensive gifts for the gold, silver and bronze “medal” winners. One way to score some cheap, funny gifts is to visit a thrift store and look for goofy shirts, throwback CDs and other hidden games that will make your buddies laugh.

If you guys want to make this more of a party atmosphere, you can incorporate a few drinking games into the mix as well. Beer pong, for instance, is easy to play outside on any picnic or folding table. Just be sure to limit the potential for injuries if drinking will be involved! (Sorry guys, no knife-throwing contests).

BBQ Bash

Make it a true’s guy’s guy affair by turning the bachelor party into a BBQ bash. All you need is a grill, some meat and some beer for it to be a great event. All the groomsmen can chip in by bringing something, whether it’s a bottle of whiskey, some steaks, some side dishes or some party games. The guys will feel totally relaxed while also getting to man up by barbecuing something on the grill.

There’s hours of fun to be had here, especially if you try to come up with some unique items to make on the grill. Why not change things up by making grilled veggie kabobs? How about grilled pizza? There are even some desserts that taste great when prepared on the grill. Make it a competition to see who can come up with the most creative BBQ dish.

Poker Night

You don’t need to go out and spend hundreds of dollars at the bar to have a great time with your pals. Instead, have everyone over for a poker night with the groom-to-be. Stock up on some classic cocktail ingredients, play some Don Draper-era music and give everyone something cool to set the mood (how about sunglasses so you can’t see anyone’s tells?). You could even pick up a few cigars if that’s your thing.

The guys are sure to have a blast when you do a poker night bachelor party. You can even raise the stakes by having each guy contribute something unique to the pot. Some non-cash items like a bottle of whiskey or a cool shirt will make things interesting. Then, surprise the groom by giving him the treasures at the end of the night – win or lose.

Bowling Night

A bowling party is old-school fun at its finest. The guys will love being able to compete with each other in something they don’t normally do. Plus, you get the excitement of a game while still maintaining a laid-back vibe. And who can resist the great photo ops of all your best buddies donning goofy bowling shoes? This is a great way to get the guys bonding right from the get-go, especially if the groomsmen don’t know each other all that well just yet.

To make things even more fun, break the group up into teams and tally up the total scores over a series of games. You can bring fun prizes or have the losers cover the winners’ drinks. Either way, bowling alleys tend to be very affordable for hours of entertainment, so it’s a great option for when you’re trying to save some cash.

Camping Excursion

If you want to make your party into a weekend getaway without blowing everyone’s budgets, plan a camping trip. It’s one of the most affordable ways to get away for your buddy’s bachelor celebration. Meanwhile, it gives an outdoorsy groom a time to shine. Hiking, fishing, you name it – you can incorporate into your camping trip to make it even more fun. Don’t forget to bring some fun foods to grill up over a campfire – and maybe a few drinks, too!

You don’t need a pricey weekend in Vegas or a club crawl with VIP bottle service to throw an amazing bachelor party. These ideas make for a memorable experience that any groom would be lucky to have. As long as you get all his best pals together, you’re sure to have a great time celebrating a guy’s goodbye to the single life.

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