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4 Creative Ways to Save on Home Décor

When it comes to updating your home’s interior décor, it’s easy to be overwhelmed by retail prices. From artwork to furniture to drapery, many things are too expensive for many homeowners to consider, especially when they want to give a room a complete makeover.

Fortunately, there are some easy ways you can get around those sky-high store prices for home decorations. Use these tips to give your home an easy upgrade without breaking the bank.

1. Get Artwork on the Cheap

One of the big mistakes homeowners make it thinking that they must get beautiful artwork from a gallery or even from a retail store. In most cases, you’ll overpay for these items, and in the case of retail stores, you may end up with something that’s not very unique or personalized to your tastes.

Instead of using these sources for decorating your walls, consider looking at alternative sources like Etsy. Etsy allows any artist to sell their work, and it’s easy to search for specific options. That means you can easily find a beautiful landscape painting or a quirky sketch relating to your favorite movie or TV show. Some artists allow you to buy prints, which can often be a good deal. But for extra savings, look for artists that allow you to buy permission to download the artwork and print it off at home.

Framing can be another expensive that makes artwork more expensive. If you’re worried about this cost, try searching for a frame first. You can look for an inexpensive frame online or in stores, or even buy one from a thrift store. Then, when searching for artwork, choose a print or downloadable file that will fit your chosen frame size.

2. Upgrade Old Furniture

If you don’t think new furniture is within your budget, think again. With just a few tools and a little research, it’s super-easy to transform old, boring furniture into charming new pieces for your home.

For example, if you want a new nightstand for your bedroom, the best place to look is a garage sale. Odds are, you can find one at this type of sale for under $20 (maybe even under $10). Take that piece home, sand it down and apply a fresh coat of paint. If there’s a drawer, switch out the knob to something fresh and modern. Voila! You’ve got a unique and attractive new item for a fraction of the price of a new piece of furniture.

3. Buy at the Right Time of Year

For some upgrades to your home décor, like a couch, buying used doesn’t always work. But there are a few tricks you can use to get a great deal on a new piece of furniture. The main thing to remember is that furniture sales typically run on a cycle. In most cases, furniture stores try to clear out their inventory in January and July, which is just before the new styles are released. That makes this a great time to buy a new piece of furniture at a discount price. Often, you can get a deal on financing as well if that’s something you need, but avoid going into debt or paying interest if you’re trying to be frugal.

Just knowing that the sales occur in these months isn’t enough, however. In the months before you plan to make a purchase, be sure to do your research. Know how much the furniture you need typically goes for. That way, once January and July roll around, you’ll be able to spot a good deal. And don’t be afraid to ask about the floor samples. If that chair you have your eye on looks good out on the showroom floor, ask if they’d be willing to sell you that very chair at a discount price.

4. Sign up for Sale Alerts

For many people, it’s easier to find deals on the bigger items, but it’s all those little home décor knickknacks and accessories that really add up. Don’t let those small purchases slowly dig you into a hole of debt. Whether it’s some charming accessories to place on your bookshelves, cute throw pillows for the couch or handy baskets to store the kids’ toys in, make sure you only buy these items on sale to ensure that you don’t overspend.

A great way to do this is by signing up for sale alerts from your favorite stores. Discount retailers like Target, TJ Maxx, and HomeGoods are great resources for these types of odds and ends, and they often advertise major sales on those items. For example, sign up for the Target newsletter and you’ll regularly receive notifications of home décor sales up to 30% off or more. And don’t forget about stores like Michael’s or Hobby Lobby; both are known for craft supplies, but they actually have quite a bit of home décor. Both stores run regular sales, too; it’s not uncommon to get an email coupon for 50% off one item at Michael’s, for example.

Use these tips to give your home a fresh new look without going beyond your spending limits.

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