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25 Fun and Free Activities to Try

No money to spend on holidays or a weekend of fun? No problem!

You don’t always have to spend money just to enjoy yourself. Here is a list of fun and FREE activities to enjoy:

  1. Read in front of the fire. Have the whole family bring books, and enjoy an evening curled up by the fireplace.
  2. Play games. Break out those old board games and challenge each other to Risk, Monopoly, Stratego, and all the rest.
  3. Visit your local park or playground. It won’t cost anything to play around in the public area, and you can find a lot of fun ways to get exercise and play as a family.
  4. Join pick-up games. Instead of paying to work out at a gym, join games at your local parks, basketball courts, or football fields.
  5. Watch old movies. Check out the old DVDs you have on the shelf, and see if there are any that you haven’t watched in a while. You’d be surprised by how great some movies are even after years!
  6. Plant a garden. You’ll have to spend a bit of money on seeds, but you can find rocks, soil, and other gardening elements all around you in nature.
  7. Get some sun. Hit up your local beach or park for some fun in the sun, or spread a towel on your lawn for sunbathing in your own backyard.
  8. Take a nap. Sometimes, an hour of sleep in the middle of the day can feel like the most luxurious thing in the world.
  9. Take free classes. Most colleges, recreational centers, and libraries will have an assortment of free classes available for you and your whole family to take.
  10. Have a clothing exchange. Go through your closet and pull out anything you don’t wear. Have your friends do the same, and swap clothes so everyone gets a new outfit.
  11. Explore your city. Be a tourist in your own hometown, and see all the classic attractions. Or, explore the city on foot, and be amazed by all the hidden gems you’ll discover.
  12. Go on a bike ride. Break out your bikes, pack a lunch, and hit the road. You can even turn a cycling outing into a multi-day trip!
  13. Practice arts and crafts. You may be amazed to find you’re an artist, a painter, a writer, or a scrapbooker extraordinaire!
  14. Host a dinner party. Invite your friends over, and cook up a storm. See how creative you can get using only simple ingredients.
  15. Have a karaoke night. All you need is YouTube, and you can spend the night belting out your favorite tunes.
  16. Take a hike. Find a forest or mountain near your home, and go on an all-day hike. You’d be amazed by the wonders of nature.
  17. Visit your family or friends. Make it a point to see people you haven’t seen in a while.
  18. DIY a day spa at home. You have to have cucumbers, warm water, scented candles, and an assortment of oils in your house. Break them out and turn your home into a day spa!
  19. Surf the internet for new music. Between Spotify and YouTube, you can find pretty much all the latest and greatest hits for free.
  20. Pack a picnic. Take it to a nearby park, or bring it on a hike or bike ride.
  21. Write. It can be a novel, a poem, or a short story–it doesn’t matter, just write!
  22. Check out the free apps on your phone or tablet. Who knows what sort of treasures you  can find.
  23. Make handmade gifts. They often mean a lot more than the store-bought kind.
  24. Make home movies. Or, break out old movies from the attic and play them for the family.
  25. Call or video chat with a friend you haven’t seen in years.

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